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Sep 11, 2006
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Judo Question
By frugalguy - 09-11-2010 08:47 AM
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Hi everyone,

Something weird happened to me last Thursday in my BJJ class. We started rolling from stand-up and somehow I managed to get behind my opponent and I went for a rear-naked choke but he just flipped me...hard. Now, I'm new to this but I've never been flipped like that before and I know that my opponent was a black belt in some other martial art (not sure what, he just mentioned it in passing). So my question is, is that some type of Judo throw where you completely flip your opponent over your shoulder effortlessly? And if so, how do I counter it so I can sink in my choke? I was thinking I could put my foot into the back of his knee, but then I'm off balance. Just thought you guys could help. Thank you in advance.


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