DF: hammer vs eastern matial arts weaponry

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Sep 11, 2006
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hammer vs eastern matial arts weaponry
By Jones786 - 03-25-2009 06:57 AM
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This doesn't necesarily apply to just filippino martial arts, but rather all weapon arts. I personally believe that the majority of eastern weapons, ie bo staff, sais, nunchucks escrima sticks etc etc are a great deal more inefective and inpracticle than a simple hand hammer bought from a hardware store for less than ten quid. Not only that, but you can get away with having a hammer in your car if you say it's for work, as it's primarily a tool. However, a set of nunchucks or sais is obvious that the only use for them is as a weapon.

Hit someone with a hammer and u will do shed loads of damage. You don't even need any specific training or high degree of skil either. Compare this to kali sticks and nunchucks and you will see how the hammer is superior.

I'm confidant that if you put me witha hammer against someone with nunchucks or sticks, who trains to use the, i would win with the hammer.

The point of this thread is that if you aree going to reach for a weapon, look no further than the simple, effective and LEGAL hammer and ditch all this eastern artsy crap that is both ineffective, inadaquate and ilegal to carry.


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