Datu Hartman & Prof. Dill Review


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Jul 1, 2002
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This past weekend Datu Tim Hartman & Prof. Gary Dill teamed up for a Seminar at the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Academy (March 1 & 2). This seminar was the first for these two Martial Art Masters and it was well recieved by the participants.

Datu Hartman was very informative and impressive with the various stick and knife drills he covered and entertained with his "stories" and experiences with the "late" Prof. Remy Prease.
Prof. Dill went over the "Basics" in JKD, starting off with the "JKD" fighting stance and then moved on to footwork and various Punching & Trapping drills.
Prof. Dill was so impressed with Datu Tim Hartman's skill and ability that he is hoping Datu Hartman will be stopping in at the Annual JKDA/SDS Summer Camp(June 13-15) held in Prof. Dill's "home state" of Oklahoma and cover aspects of his knowledge in Modern Arnis, Balintwak and Bando.
For all you Martial Artists out there, if you have the "time", these gentlemen are well worth "seeing" in action. till next time...:asian: