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Oct 26, 2003
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These classes were written prior to my leaving the school I've been teaching at. I will no longer be teaching any of these classes, but I wanted to share them here. I was very pleased with the classes I wrote for this month.

These are the classes I've written for the month of August. This month in the Intermediate Class we will be covering Street Self Defense. The students I'm working with have already been through my basic street self defense curriculum, where I focus mainly on establishing physical street skills and basics; so this semester I'm focusing more on street scenarios and street knowledge. We'll be discussing predators and predatory behavior, how to avoid dangerous situations, and what to do before, during, and after a violent encounter. We will also be doing some basic weapons defense at the end of the month.

In the Beginner Class we will be covering Handswords, Rear Kicks and Roundhouse Kicks, Elbow Strikes, Side Kicks and Wheel Kicks. These classes are similar to the classes I taught on these subjects two months ago, but I've tried to vary some of the drills and exercises to keep it fresh for the students who've been through these classes before. In our beginner class the students will practice each of our eight beginner themes for a total of 6 weeks, so I try to balance keeping it basic enough for a new white belt to jump in, but evolving enough to keep the orange belts focused on new levels of practice.

At the end of this month we have an extra few days. These classes will be Instructor's Choice classes and I have decided that in line with the theme I will be teaching both the beginners and the intermediates a Street Clothes Training class. Those classes will be focused on street self defense and scenario training, which will neatly wrap up the theme for the month before we move in to our next phase.

Next month I'll be teaching Sport Karate. We'll be practicing sparring and I'm planning to write a series of theme classes focused on different styles of sports combat.

Standard notation are as follows, () means general aspects or evolutions of drills and concepts. <> means advanced variations or ideas which students may or may not be prepared for. [] mean clarifying commentary. {} means actions taken specifically by the defender within the context of a drill. || to connote dangers, risks, or areas of special concern. Exercise activities are listed in italics.

Abbreviations of Terms

fk &#8211; front kick
rk &#8211; rear kick
ssk &#8211; side snap kick
wk &#8211; wheel kick
stk &#8211; side thrust kick
ohhk &#8211; outward heel hook kick
uhhk &#8211; upward heel hook kick
rhk &#8211; kenpo style roundhouse kick
rhk(mt) &#8211; muay thai style roundhouse kick
ick &#8211; inward crescent kick
ock &#8211; outward crescent kick
tsk &#8211; thrusting sweep kick
A(B) &#8211; traditional kenpo sparring technique where the student grabs the opponent's lead hand and executes a downward or outward pull to put the opponent out of position
bks &#8211; backknuckle strike
ihp &#8211; inverted horizontal punch
vp &#8211; vertical punch
ihs &#8211; inward handsword
ohs &#8211; outward handsword
irhs &#8211; inward reverse handsword
orhs &#8211; outward reverse handsword
fihs &#8211; forward inverted handsword
phs &#8211; palm heel strike
ubf &#8211; upper body fake
lbf &#8211; lower body fake
1 &#8211; push drag
2 &#8211; step drag
3 &#8211; drag step
4 &#8211; front crossover
5 &#8211; step through
6 &#8211; rear crossover

Also, if you see a basic with another basic in parentheses, A(B), fk(vp), that means that the drill in question could be done with either basic for the same general effect and should be practiced as an option drill.

Finally, when a basic is underlined that means it is executed by the rear hand.

Here we go.

Warm Up
Stretch (shoulders + elbows)
Swordarms &#8211; Air (+,x, horse stance, fighting stance moving)
Handsword Formulation (form, |fingers together|, structure, striking surface, practice on the hand)
Core Exercise - Crunches (any variation, one minute)
Inward/Outward Handswords &#8211; Pads (fighting stance, lead/rear hand, both sides)
Leg Exercise - Lunges/Squats (lunge/3 squats, 3 repetitions each side)
Inward/Outward Handswords &#8211; Air (traditional from a horse stance)
3 Zone Blocking Set &#8211; Partner (|open hand blocks|, in place from a horse stance, moving in a fighting stance)
Inward Reverse Handswords &#8211; Air, Body (form, [striking the hand])
Chopping Set &#8211; Body (5 strikes inward, outward, forward downward, outward inverted, inward inverted, <responding with blocks in/out/push down/out/in>)
Chest Exercise - Pushups (any variation, one minute)
White &#8211; Stance Set 1 (basic stances, stance transitions)
Yellow &#8211; Elbow Set 1 (elbow strikes, opening and closing the hand)
Rate Yourself 1-10 (|knowledge factor|, were, are, want to be, could be)
Orange &#8211; Coordination Set 1 (block/punch combinations, kick/punch combinations)
Healthy Competition (|knowledge factor|, how to use it to motivate and improve)
Dynamic Drills
Running Stances &#8211; Line Drill (moving up and down the floor using stances and foot maneuvers)
Elbow Set 1 &#8211; Pads (form and accuracy)
One Step Defenses &#8211; Partner (spontaneous defenses against jabs and crosses with block/punch or block/kick combinations)
Technique Drills
Attaching to Push Attacks - Partner (pinning and controlling the arms, setting the toss)
Techniques on the Body
Spontaneous Activities
Attacking the Shield with Handswords &#8211; Line Drill (advancing/retreating, F.A.S.P.)
Handsword Sparring (h/p, one student only attacking with handswords, the other only blocking)

Warm Up
Stretch (hips + shoulders)
Basic Boxing From a Fighting Stance &#8211; Air (jab, cross, hook, uppercut, hi/low, combinations)
Basic Boxing Strikes and Defenses &#8211; Pads (strikes/cover/bob + weave, partner holding and attacking with pads, continuous striking/burst striking)
Open Hand Strikes and Blocks &#8211; Partner (h/p, sparring style)
Short Range Striking &#8211; Body (holding and hitting, targets and double tapping, static/dynamic)
Elbow Sparring &#8211; Partner (dynamic, elbow strikes and blocks)
Blue &#8211; Compulsive Bow (pinning wrist to chest lock, bracing against locks, changing levels, striking backnuckle checks)
3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Brown &#8211; Fallen Cross B (crossed arm elbow trap, adjusting to your environment, low line kicking with stand up grappling)
1[SUP]st[/SUP] Brown &#8211; Courting the Tiger (anchoring the elbows when grappling, lifting knee sweep, separating the enemies)
Dynamic Drills
Striking High and Low &#8211; Partner (close range, sparring style, h/p, changing levels, striking with the hands)
Pummeling with Low Line Kicking &#8211; Partner (pummeling drill with controlled kicking to legs at the knee and below)
Sweeping Two Opponents &#8211; Partners (two opponents circling and advancing, {practice sweeps to take the opponents to the ground}, opponents rise and continue)
Techniques on the Body
Self Defense Concepts
Visualization and Commitment (planning and moral decisions)
Environmental Awareness (seeing what's there, looking for what's out of place, noticing red flags)
Types of Violent Encounters (random/targeted, intent and circumstances, social/anti-social violence, aggressive people versus violent predators)
Spontaneous Activities
Gear Up
Upper Body Sparring (continuous, light contact, h/p, <dynamic>)
Defenses Against Combination Punches (line drill, {escape with defenses/wait for opening/enter/counter/control/finish, alternate})

Warm Up
Stretch (knees and ankles)
Low Line Kicks &#8211; Air (fk, sk, rhk)
Short Range Kicks &#8211; Body (knees, stomps, uhhk)
Point Kicks &#8211; Bag (fk, rhk, ohhk)
Power Kicks &#8211; Shields (stk, rk, rhk(mt))
Kicking a Downed Opponent &#8211; Partner (control, chasing with kicks and stomps, {scrambling/circling/defending})
Chasing the Opponent with Kicks - Line Drill (advancing with combinations, {retreating with defenses})
Blue &#8211; Long Form 2 (block/strike combinations, stepping in to attacks)
3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Brown &#8211; Leopard Set (next three labels)
1[SUP]st[/SUP] Brown &#8211; Pattern Review (black belt patterns)
Dynamic Drills
Two Step Self Defense &#8211; Partner (attack, {block/counter/counter}, alternate)
Leopard Applications &#8211; Body (next three labels)
Counter for Counter &#8211; Partner (attack with strike or grapple, {defend/counter with strike or grapple}, continuous)
Techniques on the Body
Self Defense Concepts
A List (|knowledge factor|,, acceptance, attitude, awareness, avoidance, action)
Verbal De-Escalation (interrupting thought patterns, calming phrases, leaving an out)
Types of Violent People (desperate/sociopathic/emotional/insane/hormonal/drugged/stupid)
Spontaneous Activities
Gear Up
Lower Body Sparring (continuous, light contact, h/p, <dynamic, kicks to the legs>)
Defenses Against Combination Attacks (line drill, advancing with kicks and punches, {escape with defenses/wait for opening/enter/counter/control/finish, alternate})

Warm Up
Stretch (hips + knees)
Rear Kick Form &#8211; Air (natural stance, fighting stance)
Rear Kick Accuracy &#8211; Pads (both sides, facing away/turning away)
Chest Exercise &#8211; One Arm Wall Pushups (5 repetitions, each side)
Roundhouse Kick Form &#8211; Air (fighting stance, pivoting/rolling hip/kicking, pulling the toes away)
Roundhouse Kick Accuracy &#8211; Pads (both sides, landing back/landing forward)
Core Exercise &#8211; Swimmers (one minute)
Kicks by Rank for Speed &#8211; Line Drill (advancing/retreating, with hand combinations)
Kicks by Rank for Power &#8211; Shields (in place, circling)
Kick Evasion &#8211; Partner (no contact, linear(line drill)/lateral(side stepping)/circling(sparring style))
Plyometric Exercise &#8211; Superstars (5 repetitions)
Defending Kicks with Closed Hand Blocks &#8211; Line Drill (hard blocking/deflection)
White &#8211; Stance Set 1 (pivoting and changing levels)
Yellow &#8211; Elbow Set 1 (striking with repeated elbows at close range)
Orange &#8211; Coordination Set 1 (blocking with angle changes)
Dynamic Drills
Striking from Stances &#8211; Shields (practicing kicking and punching from each stance)
Elbow Set &#8211; Pads (speed and power)
One Step Defenses &#8211; Partner (spontaneous defenses against jabs and crosses stepping off the line of attack with block/punch or block/kick combinations)
Technique Drills
Defending Against Hard Pushes &#8211; Partner (high/low hard pushing, mentality of hard pushing, {base/off angle/counter})
Techniques on the Body
Spontaneous Activities
Kicking Away an Advancing Opponent &#8211; Line Drill (advancing with shields, {defensive rear kicks})
Kicking a Circling Opponent &#8211; Body (kicks by rank, sparring style, h/p, slow speed/touch control)

Warm Up
Stretch (backs of legs + backs of arms)
Elbow Set &#8211; Air (form, breathing, body alignment)
Elbow Strikes &#8211; Pads (accuracy, static/dynamic)
Elbow Strikes &#8211; Bag (speed, double tapping, compound striking)
Elbow Strikes &#8211; Shields (power, impact/thrusting)
Knee Strikes &#8211; Air (form, upward, outward, crossing, roundhouse)
Knee Strikes &#8211; Body (accuracy, static, targets [coccyx, groin, sciatic nerve, torso, face, side of jaw])
Knee Strikes &#8211; Line Drill (speed, step through knee strikes advancing with a clinched opponent holding a shield)
Knee Strikes &#8211; Shields (power, circling the opponent with knee strikes using grabs and holds)
Blue &#8211; Grasp of Death (rear headlock or choke, stepping backwards around the opponent's position, reinforced finger)
3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Brown &#8211; Unwinding Pendulum (ghost imaging with twist stances, punch/kick combinations, spinning inward with blocks and strikes)
1[SUP]st[/SUP] Brown &#8211; Back Breaker (moving to the obscure zone with overlapping parries, pulling the opponent down from behind, controlling at high/mid/low levels, rearward slams)
Dynamic Drills
Defending Against Attacks from the Rear &#8211; Partners (student A holding a shield, student B striking the shield, student C attacks student B from behind with a rear grapple, student B defends, and returns to striking the shield)
Retreating with Twist Stances &#8211; Line Drill (advance with kicks and punches, {retreat with crossovers into twist stances, unpivot with blocks, continue retreating})
Takedowns from the Obscure Zone &#8211; Partner (attack with slow/med speed kicks and punches, {defend/move to obscure zone/takedown}, rise and continue)
Techniques on the Body
Self Defense Concepts
Physiological Response to Stress (fight/flight/submit, adrenal dump, high heart rate effects)
Flinch Response (arms up to protect the head, flinching to guard positions)
Predatory Behavior (interview process, forced teaming, charm and niceness, too many details, typecasting, loan sharking, unsolicited promises, discounting the word &#8220;no&#8221;)
Spontaneous Activities
Trading Knees and Elbows (holding the partner and striking with knees and elbows, light contact, {covering and absorbing strikes/wait for opening/counter with knees and elbow strikes/establish dominance}, alternating continuous)
Sparring with Knees and Elbows (continuous, light contact, h/p, <add standing grappling>)

Warm Up
Stretch (knees + hips + back)
Falling (form, front/side/back)
Falling with an Opponent &#8211; Partner (falling backwards, falling forwards, opponent front and rear)
Sitting Tackles &#8211; Partner (double leg side shearing/forward driving, scrambling to top position)
Rising Tackles &#8211; Partner (double leg lifting, arm hook dragdown)
Standing Tackles &#8211; Partner (high bearhug tackle from 12, hard tackle around the shoulders from 6)
Launching Tackles &#8211; Partner (low/mid/high line tackles, form, spearing/wrapping)
Basing Out of Tackle Attempts &#8211; Partner (static/dynamic, increasing intensity, low/mid/high)
Sprawling &#8211; Partner (static/dynamic, base/scramble/turn the corner)
Blue &#8211; Long Form 2 (turning into attacks with blocking maneuvers)
3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Brown &#8211; Leopard Set (last three labels)
1[SUP]st[/SUP] Brown &#8211; Pattern Review (yellow belt patterns)
Dynamic Drills
Turning Into Attacks with Blocks and Counters &#8211; Partner (attack from any angle except 12 with a kick or a punch, {turn to face attacker/block/counter}, reset and continue)
Leopard Applications &#8211; Body (last three labels)
Basics &#8211; Bag (basic strikes and blocks from basic stances for structure and contact)
Techniques on the Body
Self Defense Concepts
O.O.D.A. Loop ([observe, orient, decide, act], using and training it, interrupting the opponent's)
Reacting With the Appropriate Level of Intensity (identifying context, force continuum)
Adult Bullying (using violence and intimidation to coerce behavior for compliance with rules/enforcement of hierarchy/sexual gratification/emotional distress)
Spontaneous Activities
Circle of Tackles (group activity, randori style, group circling, random entries and tackles one at a time, {evade/base/sprawl/counter strike/control/disengage})
Hunter/Prey Takedown Defense (sparring style, one student working to takedown, the other defending and striking, controlled contact)

Warm Up
Stretch (knees + torso)
Elbow Set (from horse, |discussing form|)
Elbows from a Fighting Stance &#8211; Air (in place, moving)
Elbows from a Fighting Stance &#8211; Pads (pivoting, keeping the arm level, |striking through the target|)
Calf Exercise &#8211; Calf Raises (30 seconds)
Elbows Pressing/Striking &#8211; Shields (snap/thrust, |with body alignment|)
Inward/Outward Elbow Blocks &#8211; Partner (matching, alternating)
Abdominal Exercise &#8211; 3 Directional Leg Raises with a Partner (3 = 1, 10 repetitions)
Clinch Position &#8211; Partner (control, moving)
Clinch/Elbow Combinations &#8211; Partner (inward/upward/outward/downward, {cover + escape})
Forearm Exercise &#8211; Countergrabs to Downward Claws (from a horse stance, 45 repetitions)
Pummeling with Elbow Strikes &#8211; Body (downward/inward/outward/upward)
White &#8211; Fundamental Set (basic strikes)
Yellow &#8211; Elbow Set 1 (elbows strikes in redrawing and chambering)
Orange &#8211; Coordination Set 1 (kicking and striking simultaneously)
Dynamic Drills
Basic Strikes &#8211; Bag (single strikes and combinations, flurries, changing ranges)
Elbow Strikes from Punch Techniques &#8211; Pads (against two pads, punch one, elbow the other, static/dynamic)
Kicks With Punches &#8211; Shields (practicing kicking and punching simultaneously, exploring range/angles/targets for simultaneous striking)
Techniques on the Body
Technique Drills
Stepping Away from Punches &#8211; Line Drill (jab/cross/step through punches, {stepping back with guard up})
Techniques on the Body
Spontaneous Activities
Elbow Sparring &#8211; Partner (slow speed/light contact, striking and blocking with elbows)
Elbows for Power &#8211; Shields (circling opponent, striking with impact/thrusting force)

Warm Up
Stretch (neck + shoulders)
Biting &#8211; Air (biting straight down, grinding the teeth side to side, lightly biting down on own arm and hand)
Pinching &#8211; Body (finger pinch/full hand pinch, twisting, targets [soft tissue, inside limbs, genitals])
Scraping &#8211; Body (frictional burns (indian burns, gi burns), scraping with the nails, scraping with the side of the foot, scraping with the handsword)
Grinding &#8211; Body (with the knuckles, with the hammerfist, with the foot, with the palm of the hand, targets [crown, face, ribs, groin, sciatic, top of foot])
Boxing &#8211; Body (cupping the ears, tearing at the ears, invading the ears)
Blinding &#8211; Body (covering the eyes, striking the eyes, throwing particulate into the eyes, digging out the eyes with the fingers)
Covering the Mouth and Nose &#8211; Body (with the hand/arm/chest/weapon, holding the hand over the face standing/prone, manipulating the head with face control)
Blue &#8211; Driving Storm (club thrust attacks, low parry, impact disarms)
3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Brown &#8211; Gift of Destiny (inward/upward flapping elbow combination, c-grip, wrist compression, impact grappling)
1[SUP]st[/SUP] Brown &#8211; Escaping the Storm (unfolding the arm with strikes, drop ankle pick, over the knee straight leg bar)
Dynamic Drills
Club Thrust Defense &#8211; Partner (thrusting strikes, {angle stepping and deflection, engaging the weapon arm, impact disarms}, continuous)
Grappling from Handshakes &#8211; Partner (alternating pulling in and controlling/striking from the handshake both as offense and defense)
Leg Hold Takedowns as High Line Defenses &#8211; Partner (attack with jabs and crosses, {defend/change levels/leg takedown}, continuous)
Techniques on the Body
Self Defense Concepts
Medical Implications of Strikes (impact damage, organ failure, knock outs)
Medical Implications of Grapples (hard grappling, joint destruction, pass outs)
Pathogens and Blood Diseases (hiv, hep b, hep c, syphilis, bacterial sepsis |importance of seeking medical attention|)
Spontaneous Activities
Stand Up Fighting (sparring style, only poison hands techniques, h/p, <dynamic>)
Ground Fighting (sparring style, only poison hands techniques, h/p, <dynamic>)

Warm Up
Stretch (shoulders + elbows)
What is an Impact Weapon (3[SUP]rd[/SUP] class lever, space and acceleration, area of striking surface/total applied force)
Holding the Weapon (forward, hammer/sabre)
Difference Between Sticks and Clubs (purpose, delivery, design)
Striking with the Club &#8211; Air (slashes and thrusts from a fighting stance)
Advancing with the Club &#8211; Line Drill (advancing with slashes and thrusts against a retreating opponent holding a shield)
Basic Disarms &#8211; Body (striking, stripping, encircling)
Smothering the Weapon Arm &#8211; Partner (advance with strikes, {evade/wait for opportunity/enter/grab weapon arm/control/disarm}, alternate)
Blue &#8211; Long Form 2 (hidden techniques and applications)
3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Brown &#8211; Leopard Set (isotonic muscle tension, deep breathing, iron tendon)
1[SUP]st[/SUP] Brown &#8211; Pattern Review (orange belt patterns)
Dynamic Drills
Form 2 Applications &#8211; Body (techniques from short and long form)
Leopard Set Applications &#8211; Body (all labels)
Upper and Lower Body Basics &#8211; Bag (basic elbows and kicks for proper structure and contact)
Techniques on the Body
Self Defense Concepts
Legalities of Self Defense (defending yourself, defending others, incident reporting)
When to Arm Yourself (weapons as force multipliers, environmental weapons, legalities of weapon use)
Psychological Results of Trauma (long lasting effects of being exposed to violence, P.T.S.D., when to overcome fear or seek psychological help)
Spontaneous Activities
Jamming the Brandish (club in hand, raise to high position, {step in and jam/control weapon arm}, repeat)
Club Defense (sparring style, h/p, evade/counter/finish)

Warm Up
Stretch (ankles + knees)
Side Kicks for Form &#8211; Air (|striking surface of the foot|, fighting stance, lateral stepping)
Side Kicks for Accuracy &#8211; Body (knee/above the knee/below the knee, |solid contact|)
Core Exercise &#8211; Medicine Ball Torso Twist with a Partner (30 seconds each direction)
Wheel Kick for Form &#8211; Air (|striking surface|, pivoting/rolling the hip/kicking, fighting stance)
Wheel Kick for Accuracy &#8211; Body (lo/mid/hi, knee/groin/torso, both sides)
Core Exercise &#8211; Medicine Ball Over/Under with a Partner (30 seconds each direction)
Kicks by Rank for Speed &#8211; Line Drill (side stepping + kicking, double kicks)
Kicks by Rank for Power &#8211; Shields (in place, circling)
Retreating from Hand Attacks with Kick Counters &#8211; Partner (pushes/punches, defend/counter with kicks by rank)
Upper Body Exercise &#8211; Medicine Ball Push and Catch with a Partner (30 seconds left/right fighting stance)
Defending Kicks with Body Movement &#8211; Partner (lateral stepping and blocking, hip twitch defense)
White &#8211; Fundamental Set (blocking and striking)
Yellow &#8211; Elbow Set (elbow strikes as blocking maneuvers)
Orange &#8211; Coordination Set (defenses and counters)
Dynamic Drills
Basic Blocks and Strikes &#8211; Pads (opponent holds pads high and low for striking, attacks with pads for blocking, {practice striking in combinations and flurries})
Elbow Sparring &#8211; Partner (slow speed strikes and blocks using only elbow maneuvers)
1 for 1 Sparring Defense &#8211; Partner (defending and countering against single attacks, alternating)
Technique Drills
Blocking and Countering Punch Attacks &#8211; Partner (spontaneous defense against punch attacks using hard blocks and hand/foot techniques, alternating)
Techniques on the Body
Spontaneous Activities
Kicking Away an Advancing Opponent &#8211; Line Drill (advancing with step through pushes, {step back and counter with low line side kicks})
Kicking a Circling Opponent &#8211; Body (kicks by rank, sparring style, h/p, slow speed/touch control)

Warm Up
Stretch (knees + wrists)
What is a Bladed/Pointed Weapon (diagram of knife, blade awareness, contact and friction, psychology of slashes/thrusts, knives all around)
Difference Between Bladed and Pointed Weapons (methods of execution, targets, angles of delivery)
Holding the Weapon (forward, hammer/sabre, lead hand/rear hand)
Striking with the Weapon &#8211; Air (slashes and thrusts, pummeling)
Advancing with the Weapon &#8211; Line Drill (chasing a retreating opponent with slashes and thrusts, {escaping and evading in max protect positions})
Smothering the Weapon Arm &#8211; Partner (evading and entering, controlling to takedowns, <grabbing the blade>, increasing speed and intensity)
Surviving Ambush Attacks &#8211; Partner ({looking away}, approach from behind/begin pummeling strikes, {turn/cover/escape, <turn/cover/engage>)
Disarms &#8211; Body (striking, peeling, locking)
Blue &#8211; Revolving Mace (angular momentum, striking on the inward circle/striking on the outward circle, pivoting in with strikes/pivoting out with strikes)
3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Brown &#8211; Circles of Protection (strikes from the high angular orbit, setting the deflecting angle first then the trap, shearing with grabs/strikes)
1[SUP]st[/SUP] Brown &#8211; Sleeper A (arm inside sleeper hold, takedown from headlock, striking down to the prone opponent)
Dynamic Drills
Pivoting Strikes Against a Circling Opponent &#8211; Shield (turning and twisting in and out with hand and foot strikes)
Striking Down from Above &#8211; Partner (practicing over head strikes empty handed and with weapons at medium speed against a guarding opponent, static/dynamic)
Flowing from Blocks to Holds &#8211; Partner (slow to medium speed jabs/crosses, {practice hard blocking and checking/stepping in to the opponent to body locks and head locks)
Techniques on the Body
Self Defense Concepts
Medical Implications of Slashes and Thrusts (cuts versus puncture wounds, bleeding out versus organ failure versus sepsis)
Armed Versus Unarmed Opponents (common scenarios and ranges, when defense becomes assault)
Spontaneous Activities
Knife Dueling (knife on knife, sparring style, starting at long range with the weapon out, slash loses a limb/thrust is dead)
Knife Defense (knife on hand, sparring style, starting at close range with the weapon out, keep fighting through slashes/thrusts until opponent is overwhelmed through control or finish)

Warm Up
Stretch (ankles + knees)
What is a Projectile Weapon (fired or thrown, mechanical or chemical force, barrel direction, common examples)
Difference Between Fired or Thrown Projectiles (accuracy, speed, power, direction, intention)
Throwing Objects as Weapons &#8211; Bag (light weight projectiles simulating possible environmental weapons [mugs, magazines, shoes], accuracy and perceptual speed/execution speed)
Smothering the Weapon Arm &#8211; Partner (evading and entering, controlling to takedowns, barrel direction, <opponent pulls away and attempts to BANG before control is established, grabbing the slide>)
Encountering Range for Projectile Weapons &#8211; Partner (inside two feet distract and engage/two to five feet delay and maneuver/outside five distract and escape)
Surviving Ambush Attacks &#8211; Partner ({eyes closed}, approach from in front or behind, draw and point, {step off line/engage/control}, <add BANG>, increase intensity)
Disarms &#8211; Body (pressing, folding, stripping)
Blue &#8211; Long Form 2 (pressing into/pulling along the opponent, attacking with grapples and strikes)
3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Brown &#8211; Leopard Set (moving with strong stances)
1[SUP]st[/SUP] Brown &#8211; Pattern Review (purple belt patterns)
Dynamic Drills
Driving and Dragging the Opponent &#8211; Line Drill (student A pushes the opponent while striking and then pulls him back with grabs and holds while striking, up and down the floor, student B focuses on maintaining stance <covering and blocking>)
Walking the Floor &#8211; Line Drill (advancing and retreating with foot maneuvers maintaining strong stances with proper height/width/depth)
Advancing with Strikes and Retreating with Blocks &#8211; Line Drill (advance with kicks and punches in combination, {retreat with hard blocking techniques}, alternate)
Techniques on the Body
Self Defense Concepts
Firearm Safety (barrel control, responsibilities of safe storage, importance of proper training)
When to Throw the Weapon (how, when, why, where)
Spontaneous Activities
Grappling for the Weapon (standing/prone, begin inside grappling range, establish weapon control and fire)
Defending Against Projectile Weapons (technique line, realistic attacks, watch range/respond/finish)

Warm Up
Stretch (quads + triceps)
Shadowboxing &#8211; Air (kicks/punches/both)
Long Range Strikes &#8211; Shield (kicks/punches/both)
Self Defense Techniques &#8211; Body (running lists with partner)
3 Hit Kenpo &#8211; Partner (light contact, strike, {defend/counter/counter/counter}, defend/counter/counter/counter, alternating)
Defending From the Ground &#8211; Partner (attacking with kicks/stomps/strikes, {evade/circle/defend})
Spontaneous Self Defense &#8211; Line Drill (technique lines, by category of attack)
White &#8211; Set Review (stance, fundamental, blocking)
Yellow &#8211; Set Review (kicking set, elbow set)
Orange &#8211; Set Review (sparring set, coordination set)
Dynamic Drills
Cover/Block/Counter &#8211; Partner (h/p, back and forth seizing leads, dynamic, circling)
Slow Speed Kickboxing &#8211; Partner (controlled combinations using kicks and elbows, h/p)
1 for 1 Sparring &#8211; Partner (gear up, attack with single strikes/defend and counter with single strikes, dynamic)
Technique Drills
Slipping Punches &#8211; Partner (deceptive head movement versus jab/cross/hook/uppercut
Techniques on the Body
Spontaneous Activities
Tiger in the Cage (group activity, one person in the middle attacked randomly by opponents one at a time surrounding them in a circle, {defend/counter})
Covering from the Wall (3 partner drill, {student 1 back to the wall, cover/bob and weave}, student 2 attack with light straights and crosses, student 3 standing adjacent to student 1 holding a shield, on command, student 2 steps back and student 1 explodes away from wall with burst striking to student 3's shield, rotate)

Warm Up
Stretch (quads + triceps)
Shadowboxing &#8211; Air (kicks/punches/grapples/all)
Long and Short Range Strikes &#8211; Shield (kicks/punches/both)
Self Defense Techniques &#8211; Body (running lists with partner, suffix with takedowns)
3 Hit Kenpo &#8211; Partner (light contact, strike, {defend/counter/counter/counter}, defend/counter/counter/counter, alternating, <seizing lead dynamic>)
Defending From the Ground &#8211; Partner (attacking with kicks/stomps/strikes/grapples, {evade/circle/defend/takedown/stand up})
Spontaneous Self Defense &#8211; Line Drill (technique lines, by category of attack, suffix with finishing move)
Blue &#8211; Dance with Destiny A + B (natural pivot points, twisting takedown, knee on stomach/back, pinning and striking the opponent against the ground, bracing strikes, rearward spinal rainbow)
3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Brown &#8211; Cross of Death (crossed wrist gi choke, crossing clearing motions, hatchet punch, hairpin punch)
1[SUP]st[/SUP] Brown &#8211; Sleeper B (armless sleeper, rear naked choke, twisting while holding, rearward spinal rainbow)
Dynamic Drills
Turning the Opponent by the Head &#8211; Body (practicing turning the opponent into arm holds/hammerlocks/headlocks/chin locks)
Practicing Proper Chokes and Strangles &#8211; Body (sleeper, crossed wrist gi choke, rear naked choke, guillotine)
Pinning the Opponent to the Ground &#8211; Body (use knee on positions to control the opponent's movements, {scramble})
Techniques on the Body
Self Defense Concepts
Restrictive Clothing (picking out a wardrobe, checking for range of motion/ease of movement/stability and mobility)
How Clothes Send Signals (avoiding/drawing attention, understanding appropriate social dress, wearing &#8220;colors&#8221;)
Spontaneous Activities
Stand Up Fighting (sparring style, street targets)
Ground Fighting (dynamic, striking and grappling)
Full Combat (all ranges, light contact, to dominance)

That's it.

I was really excited about these classes. I've left my school so I won't actually be teaching these now, but I was really looking forward to it.

I had already begun my September class plans so I'll go ahead and finish and post those as well.

Hope you enjoy them. If you have any questions, just ask.