Can women beat a man?

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Nov 8, 2022
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same study

A study of Army strength before and after Army basic training for example found that women's upper body strength as a percentage of men's increased from 57% to 60%, leading the researchers to conclude that "basic training brought the strength of the females to that of males" Although it is true that the average difference between the strength the sexes decreased slightly with training the overlap between the sexes also decreased.

Training not only increases the strength of both groups, it also decreases the variability within the groups. Thus, despite the increase in female strength, that likelihood that a randomly selected man from this group would be stronger than a randomly selected woman went up to 98.5%So, there might be a 1.5% of the female population that may make the male norms after training since the men all increased substantially as well with the training, i.e; the average male standard.

This does not take into account that it will take more physical training for the female to maintain that male "average".

Again, I will throw out the challenge, give me a practical reason for doing this, give me an example where they have made females meet the same standard in the past or at least give me an HONEST example of something that leads you to believe we will do it in the future.

For instance, the new Army PFT they are looking at has no real upper body strength and they are talking of making it gender neutral, if there is no upper body strength in the test how is that really an overall evaluation?"

Done in 1992

update. 2023

"The Army is unlikely to change its new physical fitness test despite Congress recently passing a law pressing the service to establish gender-neutral standards, according to two sources with knowledge of the plans.

The annual defense authorization bill passed in December directed the Army to set the same fitness standards for men and women by June. Last month, Army Secretary Christine Wormuth told lawmakers on Capitol Hill that the service had already established gender-neutral expectations for troops, but was vague about the specific standards to which she referred."
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