1. Ivan

    Should I continue Taekwondo after transferring from ITF to WTF?

    To put this in context, I am blue belt in ITF at a club back home at which I trained at for two years. I went there with the intentions to expand my striking game by learning kicks, and I am very pleased with what I have attained. I specifically focused on nailing four kicks which I prioritised...
  2. memory1179

    WTF Kukkiwon Dan holder to ATA Dojang?

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I am thinking of restarting Taekwondo and I would like to ask some questions and gain some advice from you. I have a Kukkiwon Dan certificate from South Korea. I was trained before during my youth in a WTF Dojang (Dojo) and during my military service there as my unit...
  3. Metal

    Former WTF & Kukkiwon president Dr. Kim, Un Yong passed away

    Just read the news: "Dr. UN YONG KIM(86 years old), vice president of IOC, former president of Kukkiwon, and former president of WTF passed away 2 am, 3 October 2017. His funeral service will be held at the Kukkiwon on 3 October 2017." Ex-IOC Vice President Kim Un-yong dead at 86
  4. Coolsweetspiceoflife

    WT-ITF Do I have to start over?

    What's up. I'm a 3rd Dan in World TaeKwonDo. I've been working on my boxing/kickboxing at my local gym. Although it's apparent that I am not a Thai Boxer, I enjoy sparring with KB/Muay Thai/Sanda rules and I see that TKD in fact works when used correctly against these guys. I want to...
  5. L

    What style/organization?

    For those of you who practice/Teach Tae kwon do, which style do you use? I didn't see a polling option, so I thought I'd ask. I'm pretty sure it's obvious by my posts what style I partake in (kukkiwon), but what about the rest of ya?
  6. J

    Tae Kwondo Theory: Learning Korean terms & theory easier?

    Does anyone have any tips for learning (and remembering) Korean terms and theory for TKD? Anyone use flash cards, pin them somewhere they will see them every day, go through patterns and state what each move is your doing in Korean?
  7. S

    Any Taekwondo school teaching WTF in Denver area?

    Anyone knows any master teaching WTF style Taekwondo in north Denver area? I am looking for a school teaching WTF forms (taegeuk, palgwe), self defense, one-step sparring etc. thanks Simon