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    Dojo-Specific Katas, anyone else has had a similar experience than mine?

    Firstly for a bit of context, my sensei comes from ITKF and he is well aware about the bukai of the kata, the story of karate, tradition and he is also well-aware about MMA and other martial arts. Now, for our gradings teachers from the JKA come and check our kata, the feedback is provided via a...
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    Axe Kicks in Karate?

    Ive only recently started my karate training, earning my 6th kyu, but I have my first dan in tangsoo do and gongkwon yusul and my 2nd dan in TKD. I love using axe kicks in Taekwondo sparring but since transitioning to shotokan karate I notice no one throws it. So really my question is in...