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    Phoenix Eye Fist

    Hello, Does someone know the Cantonese word for the 'Phoenix Eye Fist'? I learnt that that punch in my wingchun training and would like to know the Cantonese translation. Thanks!
  2. Yuen Kay Jun

    Savannah Wing Chun GA CLASSES

    Private and Semi-Private Classes: Location: Richmond Hill, GA Savannah, GA Material Taught: Yuen Wing Chun (Yuen Kay San / Sum Nung) Contact: [email protected] Email will get more information. In email, introduce yourself.
  3. ice84

    Fastest Man on the planet for Multipower Brand.

    Hi guys i post this video about my Sifu , If you want have a look comment and please Subscribe to the channel great news upcoming Best regards For any info you can ask to me too Vincenzo Rega