1. I

    Join free outdoor Chi Sao session in NYC

    Is anyone interested in free short friendly outdoor Chi Sao session in NYC to get some experience and new connections? It may be weekend or weekday night in Central Park or Bryant Park (any park or pier). Please post your preferences and ideas below. Have a great day! [yt]
  2. M

    wing chun

    I am attempting to teach myself siu lim tau. Form and i found an app that demonstrates the complete form an breakdown. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me the liniage of this version. Because frankly i dont want to be just some wanker who nows nothing if the liniage. Sadly im poor and...
  3. Nanuqcz

    Siu Lim Tao - Proper breathing

    Hello, how should I breath in Siu Lim Tao form? Especially when to breath in, and when to breath out? My Sifu said it is not important, when I asked him. But I don't beleave it. That's why I am asking you here. Based on Qi Gong, I suppose this principles: 1) When my arms goes close to my body...