training partner

  1. R

    Looking for a training partner in the NoVa/DC area

    Hello, Tang Soo Do and GoJu Ryu practitioner here. Looking for a training partner to practice with. Don't care what style you are since all styles have something you can learn from. Really just looking for someone who enjoys body conditioning, bunkai and sharing/exchanging knowledge...
  2. L

    Anyone in the Denver area?

    Hi everyone! Looking for martial arts friends in the area :) 30 yo female, been training Sil lum Kung Fu on and off the last 10 years. My teacher has learned directly from the GM of the art (Rick Ward in Boone NC). Really needing a training partner to progress (practice chi na, hand drills...
  3. Anarax

    Pride's Price

    Students are their biggest obstacle when they are more concerned for their pride than training. I've seen this in multiple schools over the years. There are numerous drills that are crucial in developing your skills as a martial artist. Drills are to train muscle memory, improve technique and/or...
  4. Krattyboy

    Hi, new member into Wing Chun from Essex, UK.

    Greetings Martial talk! I'm completely new here and looking forward to learn and maybe one day contribute to this great site. A little about me, live in Essex in the U.K. I've been practicing Wing Chun Kung fu for around 15 months and my enthusiasm continues to grow. I also practice Ashtanga...