1. Draco90x

    How does a true martial artist react when his mind starts to deceive him?

    Hello everybody. i have beem performing martial arts in my early 20s for almost 5 years and i must say i have aquired a good sense of discipline and control and i even got better than i was befor in my teens. After some years from quitting i was 26 then now am 29 , i have started to experience...
  2. O

    I've an idea that I'll like to bounce around we should do o

    The tittle was I've an idea that I'll like to bounce around we should do more. This is for every style, system, school, etc. I believe that it could be of benefit to everyone. I'll like to talk about the lack of aesthetics in all MA which are very noticeable during sparring or competitions...
  3. Polina

    What is better? Traditional School or Modern School

    Hello! It's me Polina. I have been looking around my town for martial arts instructors because there is no dojo or dojang. I met Korean man who have study Hapkido for many years. Is it a good idea to ask him to teach me? Or should it be better to find dojo with other students?
  4. O

    The potential of TMA

    First of all a little disclaimer: I like all types, styles, shapes, and flavors of martial arts I have trained judo and TKW for about 20 years, researched about many other styles around the world, I have been a competitor, and I have even been in the cage as a guest in the local MMA gym (In...
  5. D

    Traditional MA's flowery impractical techniques

    Inspired by Bullsherdog. We hear a lot about TMA being full.of impractical, flowery, unrealistic and straight BS techniques and methods. For this thread I'd like to try to list them and the problems with them and yes, if anyone can actually use said bs techniques the defence of them would...
  6. M

    Why is their so much disrespect for Karate? And what can we do to stop it?

    I've been practicing karate for some time now and I was wondering why there's so much disrespect for this martial art. I dont understand that I cant talk about Karate casually without getting that awkward look. I mean people practice wrestling and their practically praised for it. I mean I'll be...
  7. Millennial Martial Artist

    What Does Humility Have to Do with Taekwondo?

    I have been training in Taekwondo for a decade now, and in my time I have had the pleasure of training with a multitude of people from different backgrounds. Many of which have been seniors to me. However, I've noticed from most of them, a certain trait that was very appealing. They all seemed...
  8. AlexGoode

    The Difference Between Development and Application

    I'm here to help interested individuals understand traditional martial arts in more depth and to hopefully explain more clearly the point behind traditional methods (i.e. forms, herbs, meditation, etc). I don't have much time right now to write too in depth, but to start off there are...