1. TieXiongJi

    The 5 Elements

    Metal means the strength contained in the bones and the muscles, the mind being firm like iron or stone, being able to cut gold and steel. Wood has the meaning of the bending but rooted posture of a tree. Water means force like the waves of the vast sea, lively like a dragon or a snake, when...
  2. J

    Tae Kwondo Theory: Learning Korean terms & theory easier?

    Does anyone have any tips for learning (and remembering) Korean terms and theory for TKD? Anyone use flash cards, pin them somewhere they will see them every day, go through patterns and state what each move is your doing in Korean?
  3. Kenposcholar

    What'd your method of teaching the Dimensional Zone Theory? When?

    At what point do you teach the Dimensional Zone Theory to your students and how? Our school doesn't particularly have a point in time, specific technique, or form that we teach this concept. Same thing about the four quadrants. Thanks, Kenposcholar :)