1. E

    Martial arts with an ax ???

    Martial arts with an ax? Isn't that extremely risky? What's your opinion?
  2. Christopher Adamchek

    Snippets of Combat Archery Training [Fun]

    Some clips from combat archery practice with my students after karate class. Targeting, finding cover, dodging projectiles, and thwarting an armed attacker. This was a really fun day. Bow and arrows from Woarchery.
  3. Y

    Charity challenge

    Hi all I have just completed a charity challenge for save the children. The challenge involved me striking 5000 times with my Bokken whilst fasting. Please enjoy the video.
  4. K

    Paul Chen Swords: XL vs Elite Blades- Any Real Difference?

    Greetings! I am new to the forums (first post, actually), so, hi! I am taking kenjutsu. I have always wanted to learn the sword, and I now have the means to peruse this Way. I will need to purchase a shinken (live blade) at some point, and I am looking at the Paul Chen Tori katana. However, I...
  5. J

    Japanese sword is it real?

    I recently bought a storage at action. And found this beautiful Japanese Samurai sword wondering if it's really or not and what the value of it is. It has no maker's mark that I can see. There is carvings of Samurai Warriors on the handle and sheath.
  6. S

    What Makes a Sword Style Functional?

    This is for all the practitioners of all the sword techniques (HEMA, Fencing, Kendo, Iaido, Krabi Krabong and more) out there but what do you feel makes your particular or any sword style functional in actual/simulated combat? What does your particular sword art base their foundations in; do...
  7. ant888

    Kenjutsu techniques

    Hello all, I've been looking for a guide (can be pdf) on the kenjutsu basics. I would like to practice at home, while not at the dojo. (With a bokken). I've been searching all around the Web, but came up empty. Would someone happen to know of a place/have one I could look at? Thank you, ant888
  8. Samurai-do

    How to fix a rattling sword!

    How to fix your rattling sword! I found this about three weeks ago and it has made iai a pleasure once again :)