1. Anarax

    What warrants banishment/Red flags instructors look for

    I've been thinking on what some of the red flags would be for me to not train someone or what would warrant banishment from class. I've only seen a handful of people banned or excommunicated in my lifetime. What have been some of your experiences with this matter as an instructor or student...
  2. Anarax

    Is it unethical to form a romantic relationship with a martial arts student

    Hello all, Firstly, I'm referring to two legal-age consenting adults both of which are single. Would you as the instructor date a student? If not, please explain why and the issues that you think may arise. If you would, please explain why you would feel comfortable doing so. Thanks
  3. K

    What's the Issue When It Comes to Students?

    Hey everyone, I'm new here and wanted to get a perspective from you instructors! I'm curious to hear what is your biggest problem when it comes to the student community side of things for your school. (Student Retention / Getting New Students / Certain Empty Classes at Certain Times etc.) If...
  4. O

    Little advice for a special student.

    Hey I'm a Judo practitioner and have been one for 20 or so years, I help my sensei with the Saturday class for kids as an assistant. Recently a new kid enrolled in the Dojo really nice chap he is 8 year old now but has this issue called Hypotonia which affects his muscle tone making his muscles...
  5. Gerry Seymour

    Exercises to reduce "handedness"?

    What do you do with your students to help them overcome their handedness (usually right-handedness), so they can be more effective with their off-hand? I only offer one class a week right now, so I'm really looking for activities I can give folks to work on when I'm not with them. Some I've...