1. Full Maverick

    Here is My Bag Work. I'm Training For a Competition. Any Comments, Advice?

    Hello, I'm training for a kickboxing competition in a few months. Would like some advice, comments from any trained martial artists out there. Especially strikers. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay...
  2. Ivan

    What are your preferred methods of training speed?

    How do you or how have you trained to improve your speed? I am going back home for the Christmas Holidays for 2-3 weeks and every time that I go abroad or on holiday I like to run my own personal "training camps" in which I solely focus on specific aspects of my improvement. In this "training...
  3. Ivan

    Legendary grapplers

    I have been involved in martial arts for almost my entire life. However, apart from some judo classes as a kid, and some japanese jiujitsu classes I didn't fully appreciate as a teenager, I have only ever been involved in striking: Taekwondo, Boxing, Kikcboxing, Capoeira etc. I picked up BJJ...
  4. Ivan

    Thoughts on the efficacy of wrist strikes?

    You rarely see wrist strikes in any street fighting clips or UFC, if at all, anymore. At least I havent. The only reason I even know they exist is the 80s and 90s Kung Fu movies and some fight scenes from the Netflix Show, Marco Polo. So why do we seldom see them used? I started experimenting...
  5. Shakya

    Grappling takedown - back of head wide open?

    Since we know already that it is illegal to strike the back of the head in MMA bouts, and of course in wrestling competitions, does this mean that this is the 'chink in the armor' for grapplers in truly martial contexts? As the doctor and karate enthusiast in this video explains, strikes to...