strength training

  1. Ivan

    What attribute do you focus on with your strength and conditioning?

    Ive been curious about what attribute people focus on when dedicating themselves to martial arts when they go to the gym. Personally, I am focusing on building up my chest muscles, so hypertrophy, as my chest is too small and makes my physique look uneven. In a few months when it has grown a...
  2. Ivan

    Research notes on building physical strength

    Hi again, I am making this thread to impart as much as I can on my knowledge of building strength. I have been researching different books on this matter and would like to share what I have found. I couldn't find a more appropriate forum "part" to post it on so I just put it on General Martial...
  3. G

    Alternating body building and martial arts

    Quick question, i want to do bodybuilding but i also want to do martial arts, theres a martial arts gym that offers classes every day that alternate between boxing and grappling, normally i work out monday to friday targeting different muscle groups each day so i was wondering should i do one...