strength and conditioning

  1. Lucas Areias

    Will this work-out WORK OUT?

    Hi, i'm 15 and new to this forum, but i really need an answer: i made a training routine, wich i intend to follow religiously, but i dont know if its good or bad. Im doing this mostly because i want to get stronger and be able to master karate, so apart from this work out, i'll continuously...
  2. andyscriven

    A cool kicking drill to improve your roundhouse kicks

    This is a drill use myself and teach at my school. It helps strengthen your hips muscles, improve balance and flexibility.
  3. andyscriven

    Strength & Conditioning for improving kicking technique

    I use a variety of drills to help my students improve their leg strength and condition the hip muscles. Thought i'd share this one and would be interested to see what other instructors do.
  4. andyscriven

    A great round house kick drill to develop strength and improve flexibility

  5. bionicman2k

    Reactivating the Bionic Man

    Hello Martial Art Warriors, My name is Derrick "BionicMan"Clark. I'm a up and coming self-defense instructor, performing strongman and anti-bullying advocate. I open my account on here in 2011! I probably didn't participated that much on this forum. At a point of time...I put the martial art...