1. M

    would Krav Maga be the best fit for me?

    I'm 25. I have mental illness. I am not in good physical shape but I am physically very strong. Though a lot of that is because I'm big and I'm only in the top fiftieth percentile of my height so I guess I really mean to say I'm a big guy. I was overweight but I have lost a lot of the weight. I...
  2. F

    Self Defence Techniques

    Hello I am wondering what are some videos of different techniques people have found to be useful, I am looking for things that people have used to defend themselves, their students have used or there friends and family have used. I am trying to find a variety of different techniques. Videos of...
  3. A

    Self introduction & several aspects of street fighting, and my opinion on MA in such scenarios.

    Hello Everyone, I'm Alex I'm new to the community, I'm a practitioner of many styles of martial arts and keep on adding more to my curriculum. I started training at age two and have trained in a very traditional way with many great masters with more than 50 years of experience in the field. I...
  4. _the_frogg_

    street fight

    what would you say would work best for a street fight, and don't just say whatever you train in lol really thing like take things from other arts and put them together to make the best art
  5. M

    Streetfighter vs Muay Thai?

    Hello! I have been doing muay thai for almost 10 months now, I pratice like 5 times per week atleast and sparr. I think I would have a good chance of beating someone in a streetfight who doesnt have any MA experince but I am not sure. My question to you is how well do you think someone like me...