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    Try to Win, or Just Not Lose?

    Here is a strategic philosophical question - A. Funakoshi Gichin said, "Do not think of winning - think of not losing." B. One of the maxims of the Jigenryu sword school (several Okinawan karate masters were trained in this) is, "The sword is a tool to defeat the enemy, not a tool to...
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    Hello all, I posted a couple of times before a long absence so I won't be offended if no one remembers me (or cares). I thought I would try and flog some life into one of my pet deceased equines... Can you describe your karate (or other art) style WITHOUT reference to your training...
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    How does your style fight?

    Hello, I asked this in the karate forum, but really it's a question for all styles. Can you describe how your ma style fights (not how it trains)? In particular I'm interested in the different strategies or game plans advocated/taught/developed by the various components and training methods...