1. Damien

    Your Best Ways to Train and Improve Horse Stance

    YouTube seems to have broken my horse stance video by desyncing the audio, and I can't fix it. So it's time to remake it! I'd like to think my video presentation is a lot better these days anyway! I don't claim to be the font of all knowledge, but I do want my videos to have the best content...
  2. ahmad abou taleb

    Complete Japanese karate stances

    fudo dachi: rooted stance hachiji dachi: natural stance hangetsu dachi: half moon stance heiko dachi: basic stance(yoi dachi) heisoku dachi: informal attention stance kiba dachi: horse stance kokutsu dachi: back stance kosa datchi: cross legged stance musubi dachi: joining stance...
  3. Groark

    Goju-Ryu white belt testing soon. Can we talk about stances and kicks?

    One of my most basic stances is han zenkutsu dachi, and that is where a lot of fighting and movements begin with. I have a problem when I try a basic front kick and I move or rise my body along with the kick. I do this when I slide forward as well, and my Sensei tells me that what I want to do...