1. T

    Stance for Advantage

    When you are against your opponent, he may be easier to counter and attack. This is because he may not have a grounded stance. He may be off balance. To know when he is off balance is when you find out his or her's fighting attack. He may attack with a kick. Now, he is off balance. From An...
  2. Ivan

    Open or closed hands whilst fighting or sparring?

    I was in my session for Taekwondo the other day, and it came time to spar. As we were told to take our fighting positions in front of our partners, one of the two instructors (fourth rank black belt, possibly fifth can't quite recall) told me to keep my hands closed in my position. Now, I have...
  3. D

    The Wing Chun fighting stance explained

    I've heard it theorise that chun was actually inspired by 18th or 19th century boxing. Am I alone in seeing the similarities?