1. P

    Can't believe i got schizophrenia after 4 years of successful kickboxing experience !

    Hello everybody. I am 33 years old man now and I have nice souvenirs with full contact kickboxing , which i practiced since i was 20 until around 24 yo . So after that period of time i developped a mental illness called schizophrenia between 24 and 26 yo , which forced me to stop my training...
  2. Draco90x

    I became so damn heavy ! which sport should i switch to ?

    Hi everybody. Am glad to be here again . since i hit 25 years old i became so heavy specially at 30 years old with a weight of 130 kg compared to my 22 years old's peak endurance 90 kg . So right now am thinking about normalizing my weight but dont know how to recognize my healthy weight...
  3. D

    New "MMA Sport" Idea of Mine

    I've mulled over this idea of a different kind of MMA sport fighting and I want to know your thoughts. The foundation as far as rules would be by and large the official MMA or UFC rules with the following alterations: 1. A submission or "tap out" is not the end of the match, it is the end of...
  4. Wadowaza

    Is Karate a sport?

    Yesterday I have posted on my Wado-ryu Karate Blog an article about the inclusion of Karate in the Olympics. The World Karate Federation websites, in its news center, onepnly referred to Karate as a "sport". Nothings wrong with the Olympics, to me, but, to I have some problems with the word...
  5. W

    I found another Krav place I am about to visit

    Does anyone train here? They have real former Israeli soldiers teaching and in the higher levels they have full contact sparring. This is awesome. Here it is: Alpha Krav Maga | MPTRAININGCLUB.COM It looks awesome. I'm totally visiting after finals. I may have my art selected. I tried several...
  6. BraxLimbo

    Tips on How to start learning any Martial Arts

    I gotta be honest, learning any kind of martial arts is hard. The first few months would be the hardest. So the best tip would be to BE READY. Physically and emotionally. Physically, you would have to stretch first since there could be possible injuries along the way. Ok. There would be...