1. Q

    I am physically unable to relax my upper body during kata. Should I give up Karate altogether?

    I have been doing Karate for 7 years (currently in WKF Shotokan, 1st kyu brown belt, training in Canada). My sensei keeps telling me to relax my upper body and use my legs/hips for power. However, no matter how much I consciously try to do this, he keeps telling me I am too tense. I have been...
  2. J

    AC luxation

    Hi everyone, Seriously injured my shoulder. AC luxation Tossy 3/ Rockwood 4 or whatever. Any of you have experience with that? And hints on recovery without surgery? Thanks in advance Johan
  3. kicka

    MA and shoulder dislocation/subluxation

    The worst part about it: recurrence. So i am amongst those, having my right shoulder semi-dislocated (this means it doesn't dislocate fully and every time i can by myself put it back, and it is not that much painful) once every 2-3-4 months. I live with it the last 2 and a half years. I've...
  4. I

    Had a shoulder injury, thoughts?

    Hello everybody, recently I started doing some Martial arts, i go in for my first day and end up hurting my shoulder pretty bad. The only way i can describe it is that my shoulder mildly came out of the socket, then went back in. It was insanely quick and brief and left my arm shaking...