1. D

    Practical real-world shotokan self-defense

    I have been reading about Shotokan Karate which appeals to me. In terms of real world scenarios e.g. ; An attacker.. grabs your collars he throws a punch to your stomach he throws a punch to your face he knees your crotch he throws a backfist to your face he kicks your crotch he's in your...
  2. T

    Karate in Los Angeles

    Best Karate Classes Los Angeles What it says on the tin. I am looking for good, quality Karate in Los Angeles, no McDojos! I am asking on here because oftentimes when it comes to traditional arts there are some amazing teachers and classes that arent on yelp or google. But if they are, thats...
  3. J

    Reading material on ashihara karate?

    Hi there I recently took up Ashihara karate and while I enjoy the lessons I also would like to understand some of these things and practice them at home. I find the lessons to be a torrent of new information and I'd love to be able to do a bit more homework both in terms of understanding the...
  4. ShotoSean

    Karate "How To's"

    Hi, everyone! I've started posting "Karate How To's" on my Youtube channel. I don't have much content so far but with what I do have, I hope it helps you! Youtube: ShotoSean I'm also open for suggestions! Osu!
  5. D

    Karate vs TKD

    Okay so as far as I know neither of these guys are grand masters. I don't know how much they train but I have no reason to suspect that they are anything other than average examples of their arts. My question is what do you think about their sparring? How do you rate their tactics and...
  6. H

    Father of Modern Karate?

    I have got a question to the community, and hope someone will be able to answer it: Who did coin the term (and when) that Funakoshi Gichin (1868-1957) is the Father of Modern Karate(do)? Thank you! Thomas Feldmann, HOPLOblog
  7. Ademadis

    Kime and relaxation problems help :)

    Hi guys! I've hit a wall currently where I'm putting far too much strength into all my techniques. I know it's reducing my speed, making my kata look like a jumpy youtube video and generally hindering me. Everyone who notices it tells me 'you just need to relax more' but I find this incredibly...
  8. Ademadis

    The little advice helps!

    Just a little anecdote; Recently my university Dojo has restarted (as term has now also officially started) with a much more structured and determined training regime. So essentially all the bad habits I've picked up over summer are now coming to light. On my first session I ran through...