1. KuroSasori

    Authentic Ninjutsu schools and classes

    I've been wanting to pursue the art of Ninjutsu for many years now. However, all the dojos that are available are about 4 hours away from me. I wanted to persue bujinkan for many years, but I've heard mixed things about it recently and I'm unsureif I should persue their school. I wanted to buy...
  2. Polina

    What is better? Traditional School or Modern School

    Hello! It's me Polina. I have been looking around my town for martial arts instructors because there is no dojo or dojang. I met Korean man who have study Hapkido for many years. Is it a good idea to ask him to teach me? Or should it be better to find dojo with other students?
  3. whitebeltforever

    Spreading yourself too thin with too many martial arts? (bjj, m.t, wrestling)

    I have always loved to strike, and recently taken up muay thai and boxing as a side dish to BJJ. I have chronic illness (lupus) and nearly 3 months out of chemo and radio therapy for another illness (breast cancer) and i want to get as strong and fit as my body will allow me so that i'll be in...