1. F

    How to create respect in your Dojo

    I have been teaching tkd for about a year and half and one thing that I have always struggled with is respect, I mostly teach kids and the often want to talk during class constantly or just go into their own little world and stop listening when I'm talking to them. I understand there kids, but i...
  2. Anarax

    Pride's Price

    Students are their biggest obstacle when they are more concerned for their pride than training. I've seen this in multiple schools over the years. There are numerous drills that are crucial in developing your skills as a martial artist. Drills are to train muscle memory, improve technique and/or...
  3. E

    The "Sir" Aspect of TaeKwonDO

    So, I am new to TaeKwonDo. I am looking to have a mature and NON heated discussion on the aspect of saying "Sir" to everything and the tenets of respect for elders and parents.... I joined to build a confidence in my self defense abilities as a woman and citizen. I like the tenets about...
  4. Anarax

    Martial Art Students using Dojo for daycare/convenience

    I've been attending the same Dojo for years and enjoy the high quality training it provides. However; there are several adult students that feel it's appropriate to bring their kids(ages 1-8) to class. It's not a kids class, thus they don't participate. They run around, slam equipment on the...
  5. Darrencowan


    First off, I would like to appologize to everyone in here for my behavior. It was very unprofessional and for that I'm sorry. I brought up some topics that offended people, I acted arrogant and mean. I would like to get off on another foot. Can you please respect me and what I have to say and...
  6. D

    Social Sanctions in Taekwondo Class

    Hello, I belong to a Taekwondo community and attend several classes each week taught by different instructors. I'm trying to learn to live the martial way, but I have to admit, I have a strong tendency to voice my opinions and am dangerously close to doing so in one of the classes I attend. The...