1. P

    How do you punch properly?

    In the book "Championship Fighting: Explosive punching and Aggressive Defense" Jack Dempsey reccomends to punch with the last three knuckles of the hand (the pinky, the second and the middle), and to aim with the second. Some people recommend punching with the index and the middle. Some...
  2. M

    Punching a wall with a glove - is it safe?

    Hi Everyone, Does anyone know if punching with a padded glove (really padded) on a concrete wall is safe? Unfortunately, I can not get bunching bag anytime soon and Makiwara does to much noise. I thought about getting a "wall punching pad" but I would prefer not to until I move apartment. Any...
  3. A

    Half Punch name?

    Hi Can anyone help me with the name of a punch I have been shown? It is a low waist half punch, the forearm remains vertical but the fist is upright. The fist is driven in by a stong rear leg and a hip twist. Can anyone help with the name? In Te-waza, the fist remains horizontal. Thanks Aaron
  4. NinjaChristian

    What does a punch to the side do?

    I have been hit in the side of the ribs before (by a gloved sparring partner) and it feels like everything in my chest is being compressed. What is actually happening to the body? Now this is only at partial force, and by someone who is wearing gloves. What happens when someone is punched in the...
  5. NinjaChristian

    Knuckle vs Skull...

    How much conditioning does it take to be able to punch someone in the head without serious injury? If you punch someone in the top of the head coming down, does conditioning matter, or will your knuckles just break?
  6. Bill Mattocks

    An Old Man Punching A Bag

    Because we've had a few members post some videos recently about how they punch a bag, and some talk about how best to punch a bag, I thought I'd take a few minutes to post something of my own. Please note: I am not a Sensei. I am not an Instructor. I am not YOUR instructor. I am not telling...