punching bag

  1. R

    Practising Strikes with Sai/Tekpi

    Hi I brought sai when I was a teenager and found them in my garage after years. Ive started using them properly now (I just used to use them for generic fight scenes when I was younger and never went to a gym or anything). Ive taken up boxing which I enjoy greatly and was thinking about...
  2. Ryeangle

    RDX B1 Free Standing Punch Bag

    Hi all, I'm currently looking to purchase some form of free standing heavy bag to help me continue my muay thai training at home. My gyms been shut since last week and I want to invest in something to help me train properly. I haven't really got the room to hang a heavy bag anywhere so was...
  3. M

    Punching a wall with a glove - is it safe?

    Hi Everyone, Does anyone know if punching with a padded glove (really padded) on a concrete wall is safe? Unfortunately, I can not get bunching bag anytime soon and Makiwara does to much noise. I thought about getting a "wall punching pad" but I would prefer not to until I move apartment. Any...
  4. D

    Best type of Training Bag: Freestanding vs Hanging vs. Mounted

    So which in your opinion is the better type of Training Bag 1. Freestanding - Like the Century Wavemasters and the like 2. Hanging - Self-Explanatory, Mostly the ones that hang from a ceiling 3. Mounted - Bags that are on Punching Bag Stands
  5. C

    Bag gloves for beginners

    Hello So I am looking for a good heavy bag glove to get. I have this strong urge to really go at a heavy bag especially after long day at work. I want some glove to protect my hands but also be durable, last me for years, and be 'comfortably snug' My hand is about 8.5" around the knuckles. I...
  6. T

    What style of training bag do you use?

    Do you use a freestanding or hanging heavy bag for training?