1. N

    Wing Chun Punches

    Since there is a big discussion in other forums, i am posting it... Some claim that the no-straight punches are JKD (just because Bruce Lee was using them). But finally it seems that it is pure Wing Chun... Which means that people are stuck to training principles (useful but short minded)...
  2. Gangster D

    The secret of the punch close to the target of Bruce Lee?

    Everyone says that the matter is in the correct technique of applying the puncher. I agree with that. But the company where I want to buy the x1 simulator told me that the secret of a hard hit Bruce Lee in his strong wrist and hand. What do you think about this? And what do you think about these...
  3. P

    How do you punch properly?

    In the book "Championship Fighting: Explosive punching and Aggressive Defense" Jack Dempsey reccomends to punch with the last three knuckles of the hand (the pinky, the second and the middle), and to aim with the second. Some people recommend punching with the index and the middle. Some...