1. Ivan

    Knee and Hip Pain

    I know the first thing many of you will say is to go to my GP but that's not really an option during lockdown, and I don't want to worry my parents as I am still at home. So I have been stretching quite often whilst I have been at home, mostly once (or sometimes twice) daily as I want to attain...
  2. Ivan

    Hip trouble with the the Jump 360 Round Kick

    I have been trying to do this kick for a while now. Up until a month or so ago, I had been spending a lot of effort on mastering the normal roundhouse kick. I would practice my right leg's kick, with the right leg at the front and back of my stance, and also did the same with my left leg. I used...
  3. Ivan

    Weird clicking behind kneecap

    I have had this weird clicking behind my knee for at most a year now, and it developed soon after I started Taekwondo. It began when I would get over excited when I was home alone and randomly doing side kicks without having stretched before hand :happy: The clicking has never been painful, but...
  4. Ivan

    Pain in finger joints

    I do a variant of Traditional Ju Jitsu, Taekwondo and some Capoeira. I used to do boxing on and off but I stopped full on about a year ago maybe more. Whilst I did boxing, after a sparring round or a set of the bags had finished, and I relaxed my hands (inside or outside of the gloves) my...
  5. Ivan

    Hip trouble with my round kick and stretching?

    Hello, I have been having trouble with my hips especially when it comes to my roundhouse kick and the box splits. To make sure there is no confusion as to which kick I am referring to, I will post a video here. Even after my warmup exercises I have extreme trouble when it comes to executing a...
  6. N1nja

    Help! Pain in groin and Adductors after stretching

    I am new to these stretching exercise and not very supple. Now have lots of pain in my groin and adductors after stretching. Exercise examples: Short Adductor Stretch Long Adductor Stretch Also tried to touch my toes in the long adductor stretch I tried doing 30 mins of these excersies for...