1. KuroSasori

    Authentic Ninjutsu schools and classes

    I've been wanting to pursue the art of Ninjutsu for many years now. However, all the dojos that are available are about 4 hours away from me. I wanted to persue bujinkan for many years, but I've heard mixed things about it recently and I'm unsureif I should persue their school. I wanted to buy...
  2. A

    ninjutsu tossing pebble idea

    "Caugaura" (ideal definition) - a pebble thrown against something to get someone's attention (try this at home) Throw a pebble or something small and hard against wall saying cau-rau-ga While thinking cau-gau-ra find and pick up the pebble
  3. A

    Ninjutsu in jacksonville

    So I'm big into martial arts and i chose to look into ninjutsu did my research and studied I'm from Jacksonville, fl there's no ninjutsu dojos here but I went on and started purchasing individual ranks to study at home kinda like a online dojo better than nothing right? Is...
  4. C

    Difference between ninjutsu and Jujitsu-related arts

    Greetings! I hope you are well. Some people might have met me in another forum, where I asked a question about aikibudo, aiki jujitsu, and ninjutsu. Here, I will ask a question more specific to ninjutsu. Beforehand, I want to say that I have read the pinned description and FAQ about ninjutsu...
  5. C

    Questions about aikibudo, aiki jujitsu, and ninjutsu

    Greetings! I'm looking to get back into martials arts. I am looking for something not competitive, but rather very oriented toward self defense and real-life scenarios. I want something generalist, such as jujitsu. As long as it is effective in real-life scenarios. My wife might also want to...
  6. N

    On Cross-training and "Making Stuff Work" (with clips)

    I know that there are a range of opinions on the idea of cross-training. Most people I meet in person seem to be in favor of it. Personally, I think that my time in other arts has been quite productive. I think it's useful to expose oneself to many different styles/masters. Perhaps others feel...
  7. That-a-Way

    Ninjutsu help

    I've been reading about Ninjutsu and so far, the way I understand it, it's like a hybrid art (Taijutsu) with weapons and some parkour-like stuff, and a bunch of other things probably not taught no more . Or at least it used to be. I know it depends on the school, but is it still like it? And...
  8. Koshu

    Aloha from Bujinkan Hawaii Dojo!

    Wishing all my Bujinkan Budo brothers the best and hope you reach out while in Hawaii! Just like to let anyone that trains know we are out here in the middle of the Pacific! Aloha and Mahalo! Joe
  9. E

    I might visit Hombu Dojo in december, need information.

    Hello, I am currently 3rd kyu and living in S. Korea as an exchange student. In december between the 17 and 27 I might be able to travel to Japan and visit Hombu Dojo. I'd love to be able to train there once or twice, however I don't know anything about the process. Is it possible for...