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  1. Anarax

    What warrants banishment/Red flags instructors look for

    I've been thinking on what some of the red flags would be for me to not train someone or what would warrant banishment from class. I've only seen a handful of people banned or excommunicated in my lifetime. What have been some of your experiences with this matter as an instructor or student...
  2. Anarax

    Opinion on school's pricing plan

    My friend told me about an interesting experience he had at a Dojo. He entered the establishment and asked about a particular class he was interested in attending. He was told non-paying members can't watch nor participate in the class(even the beginners) until he pays for two months in...
  3. A

    Encouraging Women to Train

    There are no female students in my school. I used to think this was just how things go in martial arts schools but after seeing a lot of the posts here as well as spending more time cross training with instructors at other schools, I'm noticing that this isn't the case in other schools. The last...