1. Ivan

    Struggling a lot with discipline since injury

    Hi guys. I am writing as I'd like your advice. Around half a year back I injured my ankle badly as a result of a toe hold submission. I did not fully tear a ligament, but I did have to take a break as everytime I went back into training, someone would step on it or accidentally twist it and...
  2. Ivan

    How can I train for 6 hours daily?

    I love martial arts and it's what I want to do. I wish to own a dojo when I'm older. Before quarantine everything was great. I would wake up, and go for a 30 minute jog, then jog back to the gym. I would then train for an hour or so (weight work) and come back home. When I arrived in college, I...
  3. Kenposcholar

    What inspires, motivates, and makes you passionate?

    I have been doing martial arts for approximately 14 years and have always been incredibly passionate about training and teaching. Over the past year it has been increasingly more difficult to bring the same passion to the dojo when I bow into classes. There are several factors including a busy...
  4. bionicman2k

    Reactivating the Bionic Man

    Hello Martial Art Warriors, My name is Derrick "BionicMan"Clark. I'm a up and coming self-defense instructor, performing strongman and anti-bullying advocate. I open my account on here in 2011! I probably didn't participated that much on this forum. At a point of time...I put the martial art...