mental illness

  1. Draco90x

    How does a true martial artist react when his mind starts to deceive him?

    Hello everybody. i have beem performing martial arts in my early 20s for almost 5 years and i must say i have aquired a good sense of discipline and control and i even got better than i was befor in my teens. After some years from quitting i was 26 then now am 29 , i have started to experience...
  2. whitebeltforever

    The biiiig C word and finding my way in martial arts

    Hi everybody! I remember reading the "When will you quit" post on here a few years ago and thinking oh my godddd i really hope i dont quit!! I am going to do my practices every week and and and i will blah de blah de blah blah i really really hope that i don't quit! I came back to class the...