1. ice84

    MAKA KARATE Bunkai. Grab the elbow and Breaks.

    Hi guys new video about my Sifu about Karate Bunkai. Enjoy
  2. ice84

    MAKA speed engine | improve your speed Jab and reaction

    Improve your speed jab lesson
  3. RuthlessCombat_Australia

    About to start Krav Maga, What is everyones experience with it that train ?

    Hey guys, Im from Sydney. I have experience is Gracie Juijitsu, Muay thai and also Karate. My manager mentioned Krav Maga as being the best and realistic martial art in the world. I watched some videos and I plan on starting at an academy tomorrow. Whats everyones experience who has trained in...
  4. S

    Ignorant People About Martial Arts

    What do you guys think about people who disrespect martial arts? Theres this guy im friends with and he stereotyped martial arts. When I asked him if he could beat a Muay Thai and boxing practitioner who is also a friend of mine, he said he could probably beat him because he doesnt care about...