1. A

    Smoking in Kung Fu

    Alot of Grandmasters smoked. Do you guys think it makes your kung fu worse? Or do you think it doesnt matter and your kung fu skills is what matters?
  2. JKDJade

    Is American Kenpo Fake?

    Wait up y'all...before you guys start bashing. Let's talk about this and ponder. I've studied Kenpo, both Parker and Tracy...long enough to go from wow, look at my cool black gi and patches, man I'm the next American Ninja...then to went to...him this is cool, these moves are so deadly, I can't...
  3. Douwe ter Horst

    New here Douwe ter Horst :-) Kung Fu Zwolle

    Hello i just became a member here, because i just opened my martial arts academy. I would like to learn and follow different threads. My name is Douwe ter Horst and i live in Zutphen in Holland, also known as the Netherlands. I like gaming, cooking and going to party's. The martial arts i...
  4. Douwe Geluk

    How Chuen Kungfu trailer by Douwe Geluk

    How Chuen Kungfu is something of a Monkey art. I studied the art under Fred Decramer he said he took the system from Indonesia and learnt it from.Chinese immigrants. So it merely is a form of kungfu or kuntao i suppose. I trained it for about 10 years but stopped around 1996 . We trained in...
  5. RandyTMA

    Name is Randy and i practise Kung Fu

    My name is Randy from Apeldoorn in Europe. my country is the Netherlands. And I love fishing, food, sports, shopping and ofcourse especially martial arts Ive practised krav maga, tai chi, hung gar, boxing and at the moment kungfu The style i practlise is, Five Animal Kung Fu also called Ng Ying...
  6. Yuen Kay Jun

    Savannah Wing Chun GA CLASSES

    Private and Semi-Private Classes: Location: Richmond Hill, GA Savannah, GA Material Taught: Yuen Wing Chun (Yuen Kay San / Sum Nung) Contact: [email protected] Email will get more information. In email, introduce yourself.
  7. C

    New Wing Chun Classes in Bromley and South London!

  8. ice84

    Fastest Man on the planet for Multipower Brand.

    Hi guys i post this video about my Sifu , If you want have a look comment and please Subscribe to the channel great news upcoming Best regards For any info you can ask to me too Vincenzo Rega
  9. B

    Where to train praying mantis belgium?

    Hey all! I've been in TKD for a year, and im also doing liuhe ziranmen & tongbeiquan. But i really want to practice the northern praying mantis style. Do someone know a master or school in belgium? I cant find any on the internet..