1. Ivan

    Transferring from one club to another

    I have been doing Taekwondo for 2-3 years now. I am currently a blue belt and now that I am going off to university soon I have been looking at new clubs to join. I got into contact with someone from the UKTC branch in Glasgow, and asked all the questions I could think of. Both the clubs are of...
  2. adamr01

    Great video discussing the poineers of Hapkido in the US

    These guys have a pretty good discussion on Hapkido, and those responsible for popularizing Hapkido here in the US. Having trained Hapkido on both coasts, I have noticed that while Choi Yong Sool is always part of the conversation, not all Hapkido masters trace their history back to the same...
  3. T

    People training in Hwa Rang Do

    Hwarang all. I know there are not a lot of Hwa Rang Do practitioners here (I am probably the only one at the time the post was made), but I wanted to make a thread where people who train in Hwa Rang Do could check in and say hello. So, hello! :) Don't worry about how old this post is, if you...
  4. adamr01

    Very cool Hapkido video!!

    This is an educational video on Hapkido, with some excellent demonstrations.
  5. T

    Koran Names for Throws: take 2!

    Hey everyone. So I have been digging into research and talking with people born and raised in Korea. A lot of these come from Yudo, but I have brought together a collection of the names for some general throws in Korean. This is not an exstensive list and every system has different variations...
  6. D

    Hapkido School in Central Ohio

    I want to give Hapkido a try. I live in Columbus, Ohio. I have only been able to find 4 schools. 3 of them are very expensive, and on the other side of town. The other one is only 1 day a week at the rec center. Does anyone here know of any good schools close to Columbus they could recommend...
  7. Choistic

    Korean Culture in Martial Arts

    To anyone who is an instructor, Do you teach the Korean language and culture to your students? How?
  8. Choistic

    I need help turning my Dojang around. (LONG POST)

    (Originally Posted on Reddit) I need help turning my Dojang around. (LONG POST) r/martialarts To whoever is reading this, I go to a Kukkiwon Studio. I am currently a 4th keup (Red belt) in Kukkiwon Style Taekwondo. Recently, I have gotten very concerned about the quality of my studio. It...
  9. O

    Learning when a school or instructor is not available.

    Hey I'm posting this thread since it is my reality, the place where I live has 3 martial arts schools a Judo Dojo, a Taekwondo Dojang, and a MMA school that's it. Really small town and the nearest martial arts school is a TKD Dojang with 2 hour drive one way, now at the very least I have a lot...
  10. suseonhwa

    Face the Flag?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum but I've been reading it for a few months now and finally decided to make an account, as I have a question for all of you. At your dojang, how do you say "face the flag" in Korean (if you say it at all)? I've been doing taekwondo for almost three years now...
  11. ewright909

    What is the Difference between Shaolin Kung Fu and Tang Soo Do?

    I've been wondering a long time about this. I cant find any good sources on the differences between these two arts. What exactly are their fighting styles and how different are they?
  12. J

    First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha Seminar (50th Anniversary)

    Just checking to see if anyone on here will be attending the 50th Anniversary of Rhee Ki Ha arriving in the U.K? This will be held on 2nd July as that's when he arrived here 50 years ago. If you're not sure who he is, he was the first person to be promoted to 9th Degree by our Founder and now...
  13. T

    Korean terms for throws

    Hey everyone. I was wondering if I could get some assistance. I am working with one of my students on collecting Korean terms for various elements of our art (kicks, punches, stances, etc) for one of his college school projects and one area that we have been running into issues with are throws...
  14. J

    Cross-Training in Kuk Sool Won and Tae Kwondo

    I've been training in ITF Tae Kwondo for a while and will be grading for my blue belt this week. I was just wondering what opinions are of training in both Tae Kwondo and Kuk Sool Won as I have found a very good school in my area for this.
  15. J

    Tae Kwondo Theory: Learning Korean terms & theory easier?

    Does anyone have any tips for learning (and remembering) Korean terms and theory for TKD? Anyone use flash cards, pin them somewhere they will see them every day, go through patterns and state what each move is your doing in Korean?
  16. A

    Sipalki Jumeog Bi Kwan: Weapon's Exhibition

    Sipalki Jumeog Bi Kwan's exhibition.
  17. A

    Sipalki Jumeog Bi Kwan

    Hi from Argentina I wanna introduce you Sipalki Jumeog Bi Kwan, I hope you enjoy it.