1. Ivan

    Knuckle conditioning in different martial arts

    Knuckle conditioning has been around for a long time, in various martial arts and has been used for a plethora of purposes. In styles of Kung Fu, knuckle conditioning was known as Iron Palm or Iron Fist. According to its page on Wikipedia, it allows fighters to use their techniques with extreme...
  2. Ivan

    Brining Methods?

    I have been mulling over the idea of brining my body for a long while ago. For about a 3 months minimum. Aside from the fact that my mother was in absolute shock when she found out, and that women don't like it very much, I feel as if it's necessary for me to do so to get an edge over my past...
  3. P

    How do you punch properly?

    In the book "Championship Fighting: Explosive punching and Aggressive Defense" Jack Dempsey reccomends to punch with the last three knuckles of the hand (the pinky, the second and the middle), and to aim with the second. Some people recommend punching with the index and the middle. Some...