1. Ivan

    The purpose of crescent kicks?

    Is there any point to these kicks? I feel like it's very hard to have any power behind them, and I can only imagine them being used for blocking like in the movies. Do you use any crescent kicks in sparring, and what for?
  2. Ivan

    Is kicking air without a target bad for you?

    I have just come back home over Christmas (barely made it with all the UK Tier 4 lockdowns) and I have a couple of targets set for myself over the time I am here. The ones I wish to talk about are improving my kicks. I aimed to do 1000 kicks daily until I saw online that it is bad for your knees...
  3. V

    How to determine if i have a leg injury

    I have started training kicks at home at least for now , i've noticed that sometimes when i kick with my left leg (normal side kick and low kick) my knee kinda moves a little bit and it both hurts and softens the blow totally , is it something that i could resolve at home , at all or do i just...