1. JKDJade

    Is American Kenpo Fake?

    Wait up y'all...before you guys start bashing. Let's talk about this and ponder. I've studied Kenpo, both Parker and Tracy...long enough to go from wow, look at my cool black gi and patches, man I'm the next American Ninja...then to went to...him this is cool, these moves are so deadly, I can't...
  2. JKDJade

    So Let Me Get This Straight-- Why Don't We Have New Arts?

    Here are some names: Bruce Lee- JKD Ed Parker- Ed Parker Kenpo Bart Vale- Chinese Kenpo Tony Leo- Shuri Shindo Ryu Freedie Lee- Freedie's Modern Fu Al Tracy - Tracy Kenpo Jeff Speakman -Kenpo 5,0 Helio Gracie- BJJ Steve Mohamad- Black Karate Federation Gary Dill- Bushido Kempo/SDS Chuck...
  3. M

    Brian Strain Documentary

    My name is Michael Strain, I'm Brian Strain's Little brother and I am currently in preproduction for a documentary about Brian, his life both personally and as a martial artist. If anyone on here knows/knew my brother and is interested in what I'm doing, feel free to e-mail me.
  4. Yondanchris

    Kenpo Concepts and Principles - New Series

    Started a new youtube series on Kenpo Concepts and Principles...enjoy!
  5. Yondanchris

    New Video on Blocking Set 1

  6. Aaron

    Breaking into XMA

    Hey ya'll I've a background in traditional Kenpo Karate, Ju-Jitsu, and Muay Thai as well as having dabbled into a little bit of other Martial Arts and I'm wanting to break into something like what Mike Chat does with his Extreme Martial Arts (XMA) putting a little more emphasis on the "art" side...
  7. Coolsweetspiceoflife

    Kenpo or Kempo in Okinawa

    Hey Kenpo world. I'm moving to Okinawa next week. Anyone know of any Okinawan Kenpo dojos? I plan on moving to Hawaii in about 5 years to live and continue with the art long term.
  8. Sensei Becker

    Danzan Ryu

    I want to incorporate more of the go to wazas in Daito Ryu and Danzan Ryu into Kenpo Karate. I like the Ken Ju Ryu idea.
  9. O

    Iron Bone

    Hello how do you start the Iron Bone Kung Fu methods?
  10. M

    Z-Ultimate and United Studios of Self Defense

    I've been involved in this kempo/kenpo lineage for years now, but am not an insider, and apparently those of us who aren't are pretty in the dark about goings-on. I was away from USSD for some years in the Denver area, and when I came back, there was Z-Ultimate in its place. I'm aware of the...
  11. Kenposcholar

    What do you want in a MA blog?

    What would you like to see in a martial art blog? I'm a professional physicist & also have been studying American Kenpo for nearly 15 years. What kinds of topics do you find lacking from other blogs that my profession could help with? I've been considering making short reads about principles...
  12. H

    Kenpo Gathering of Eagles

    Anyone considering going to the "Kenpo Gathering of Eagles-2017" in Dallas, Texas, August 11, 12 and 13? A friend informed me this morning that she was going to attend with several of her lady-friends after her instructor was added to the revised list of presenters over the holiday weekend...
  13. Kenposcholar

    Mannequin Fighting

    Hi, everyone! I'm looking for suggestions on how to get quality training at a Kenpo school with students who tend to focus on techniques or spontaneous fighting where they turn into a statue. I've been training for quite a few years & very much enjoy the philosophies/lifestyle of the...
  14. J

    Not sure on if this forum is active, but I need to choose between which Art to study

    I've done some research and I've decided I want to study Kenpo or Wing Chun and I need some help deciding, what are your guys/girls opinions? I've never studied a martial art before, but I became interested after hearing about Taekwondo, but soon lost interest and went in search of other martial...
  15. Kenposcholar

    What inspires, motivates, and makes you passionate?

    I have been doing martial arts for approximately 14 years and have always been incredibly passionate about training and teaching. Over the past year it has been increasingly more difficult to bring the same passion to the dojo when I bow into classes. There are several factors including a busy...
  16. Kenposcholar

    What'd your method of teaching the Dimensional Zone Theory? When?

    At what point do you teach the Dimensional Zone Theory to your students and how? Our school doesn't particularly have a point in time, specific technique, or form that we teach this concept. Same thing about the four quadrants. Thanks, Kenposcholar :)
  17. Kenposcholar

    Glad to finally join a forum!

    Hi! My name is David and I am joining a forum to broaden my discussion with other martial artists. I am from Jim Mitchell's lineage of American Kenpo under grandmaster Ed Parker. Most of my life has been spent training in Kenpo (13 years) and I want to hear other opinions about the arts from...
  18. T

    Snaking Talon in long form 4

    Question for the Parker Kenpoists, In long form 4 snaking talon is done differently than how we do it in the "standard" version. In the form we do an inward parry and place the other hand over your knee and then do the technique. The only information that I have found is that it has something to...


    The Atacx Gym is back. Hey there, everyone.
  20. M

    Kajukenbo in Greater Boston?

    Hello All, I've recently relocated to Boston from Austin, TX and am unfamiliar with the martial arts community in New England. I'm looking for a good Kajukenbo group to train with, or failing that, perhaps a Kenpo school with similar roots and like-minded philosophy on self defense. Can anyone...
  21. tigersharka


    Kenpo Karate Hall of Fame A very grateful "thank you" to all of the attendees, supporters and inductees who participated in the Frank Trejo Appreciation Dinner, Saturday August 29th. A historic moment as we honored and celebrated the greatness of Kenpo and lineage. A family...
  22. M

    One year...what should I do?

    Hi all, I have a dilemma and I'd love to have your input. I recently relocated, and I'm anxious to delve back in to martial arts. Problem is, I'm here for only a year, and then will be moving on. I really, really don't want to lose martial arts from my life, but making a "commitment" for just...