1. Yondanchris

    New Video on Blocking Set 1

  2. Coolsweetspiceoflife

    Kenpo or Kempo in Okinawa

    Hey Kenpo world. I'm moving to Okinawa next week. Anyone know of any Okinawan Kenpo dojos? I plan on moving to Hawaii in about 5 years to live and continue with the art long term.
  3. M

    Z-Ultimate and United Studios of Self Defense

    I've been involved in this kempo/kenpo lineage for years now, but am not an insider, and apparently those of us who aren't are pretty in the dark about goings-on. I was away from USSD for some years in the Denver area, and when I came back, there was Z-Ultimate in its place. I'm aware of the...
  4. IvanTheBrick

    I have the option of training Kempo... my new college. But how do I know the classes are not of a McDojo? Anything I should look out for? And what would be a reasonable price in GDP? I do not have any experience in grappling arts, so I don't know what a good or bad grappling instructor and classes are like. Thanks.
  5. J

    Bill Buresh's daughter looking to connect with GM Cal Carrozzi

    Looking to get in touch with GM Cal Carrozzi. Per YELP his school in Peabody is closed. My dad was Bill Buresh who studied under GM Carrozzi and flew his flag at his school in Salem, NH. My Dad passed away two years ago and I have since taken up martial arts in Cambridge MA. I would love to...
  6. H

    Kenpo Gathering of Eagles

    Anyone considering going to the "Kenpo Gathering of Eagles-2017" in Dallas, Texas, August 11, 12 and 13? A friend informed me this morning that she was going to attend with several of her lady-friends after her instructor was added to the revised list of presenters over the holiday weekend...
  7. J

    Not sure on if this forum is active, but I need to choose between which Art to study

    I've done some research and I've decided I want to study Kenpo or Wing Chun and I need some help deciding, what are your guys/girls opinions? I've never studied a martial art before, but I became interested after hearing about Taekwondo, but soon lost interest and went in search of other martial...
  8. Darrencowan

    Kempo and Jeff Speakman

    I know there are some people in here studying Kempo. I find that form really exciting and explosive. The fluidity and combinations are amazing. I remember reading about Parker in Black Belt Magazine. Additionally, UFC hall of famer Chuck Liddell studied Kempo, I think he was a Ni-Dan. Many...