jeet kune do

  1. M

    would Krav Maga be the best fit for me?

    I'm 25. I have mental illness. I am not in good physical shape but I am physically very strong. Though a lot of that is because I'm big and I'm only in the top fiftieth percentile of my height so I guess I really mean to say I'm a big guy. I was overweight but I have lost a lot of the weight. I...
  2. A

    Mass or Definition?

    Hello guys, i just want to ask you is it better to do the gym workout with weights or street workout like push ups etc... for martial arts? Thanks :)
  3. Isaiah90

    Starting modern self defense school in NC

    Starting my own self defense school in NC. Trained martial artists and untrained peeps are welcome to join. With years of self defense training, heres what i have to offer. Diversity - What makes my lessons unique? Theres no set system of self defense training. Instead, i invite a diverse...
  4. FireBreathingBeast

    Hello Everyone! (introduction)

    I hope I got this in the right place. My name is Joshua, I'm from the UK, I am a very passionate martial artist although have been out of training for some time now. I have trained in various arts such as: Muay Thai, Conventional Boxing, Taekwondo and Jeet Kune Do (my main love haha). Also I...
  5. S

    Training Partners in Tuscaloosa, Al?

    Hey guys, is there any JKD practitioners in Tuscaloosa who would like to get together and train?
  6. Darrencowan

    Martial Arts and Entertainers

    Many great entertainment legends have studied MA. Elvis, Kareem, Glenn Danzig, Def Leppard...etc. I just got off the phone doing an interview with death metal legend, Chris Barnes. Barnes is one of the oldest, most respected artists in the biz. You can see him on Ace Ventura. Anyhow, he is...
  7. Eian

    Able Sandoval JKD

    Just wandering if I could get some help. I'm trying to track down my linage. My Sifu's Sifu's name is Adrian Sandoval. I know nothing about him except that he taught in CA. I would really like to know more about him. Thanks
  8. Soul.Con.Fusion

    Shorinjikempo/Jeet Kun Do/Aikido/Kuk Sool Won

    Peace everyone! I'm very glad to have found this forum! My name is Mesha and I'm a 22 year old female college student in NJ. I'm 5'8 and 180+ (i don't care about posting my weight). (Long post ahead) I took up karate for about a week when I was very young (probably 7)... My sensei made me do...
  9. A

    Trening with street Fighter, (Kung Fu vs Jeet Kune Do)

    I spent a couple of hours of training with a street fighter, a big fan of Bruce Lee. It turned out quite interesting, because we did not staged scenes and assorted variety of combat situations. A fan tried to attack me constantly surprise attacks :) I showed my system, this is the Kungfu that...