1. O

    Learning when a school or instructor is not available.

    Hey I'm posting this thread since it is my reality, the place where I live has 3 martial arts schools a Judo Dojo, a Taekwondo Dojang, and a MMA school that's it. Really small town and the nearest martial arts school is a TKD Dojang with 2 hour drive one way, now at the very least I have a lot...
  2. 6

    Why don't Kyokushin practitioners bulk up a little bit?

    Oyama himself wasn't that small and there's footage of him lifting weights. In one of his books he says that lifting weighs is the best way of getting strong for younger people (also that strength is the most important part between strength, speed and technique). Also apparently his mountain...
  3. C

    Questions about Japanese Iron fan--tessen

    Before I start this thread, I have no intention to use any of this information for ill will. I am merely curious and a writer who has this character who wields an Iron fan. I respect the martial arts surrounding this weapon so as much as possible, I'd like to make it realistic as possible...
  4. ahmad abou taleb

    Complete Japanese karate stances

    fudo dachi: rooted stance hachiji dachi: natural stance hangetsu dachi: half moon stance heiko dachi: basic stance(yoi dachi) heisoku dachi: informal attention stance kiba dachi: horse stance kokutsu dachi: back stance kosa datchi: cross legged stance musubi dachi: joining stance...
  5. ahmad abou taleb

    Karate history

    Karate (蝛箸) (English /krti/) is a martial art developed on the Ryukyu Islands in what is now Okinawa, Japan. It developed from the indigenous martial arts of Ryukyu Islands (called te ()) under the influence of Chinese martial arts, particularly Fujian White Crane.兩沛arate is now...
  6. ahmad abou taleb

    Complete Japanese Hand Strikes Guide

    Zuki: punch age zuki: rising punch awase zuki: narrow double fisted punch choku zuki: straight punch chudan zuki: mid-level punch gyaku zuki: reverse punch heiko zuki: parallel punch(morote zuki) hasami zuki: scissor strike jun zuki: step through punch kage zuki: hook punch kizami...
  7. ewright909

    What is the Difference between Shaolin Kung Fu and Tang Soo Do?

    I've been wondering a long time about this. I cant find any good sources on the differences between these two arts. What exactly are their fighting styles and how different are they?
  8. A

    Half Punch name?

    Hi Can anyone help me with the name of a punch I have been shown? It is a low waist half punch, the forearm remains vertical but the fist is upright. The fist is driven in by a stong rear leg and a hip twist. Can anyone help with the name? In Te-waza, the fist remains horizontal. Thanks Aaron
  9. J

    Japanese sword is it real?

    I recently bought a storage at action. And found this beautiful Japanese Samurai sword wondering if it's really or not and what the value of it is. It has no maker's mark that I can see. There is carvings of Samurai Warriors on the handle and sheath.