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    My best takedowns in tournaments

    Looking at some old 史ideos, I decided to make this compilation to remember the good times. Youtube Channel Youtube.com/@kaizenkanjudo Instagram Instagram.com/kaizenkanjudo
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    Specific exercises to improve your grip

    Specific training to improve your Grip.
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    Three easy steps to build your O Uchi Gari walking backwards

    How to build your O Uchi Gari walking backwards in three easy steps: Let me know if you liked it.
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    My favorite Uchi Mata

    This is the approach to Uchi Mata that I like to do when fighting someone with the opposite grip (left right) What do you do to approach and enter the Uchi Mata of someone who is far from you or with the opposite grip? *I know in the end it looked like a Hane Goshi, but it was supposed...
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    New in the area

    Hello guyd! My name is Daniel, I'm Brazilian, former athlete and Judo Coach, I currently live in California. I've competed internationally and I've had hundreds of students and athletes, from begining level to world level. I'm doing some work posting videos on techniques, strength and...