1. Ivan

    What are your protocols for training when you're ill? How do you treat your colds?

    Hi everyone. I want to start off by mentioning that I tend to get ill very often. I catch colds quite a lot, mixed in with the odd fever every now and then. I should mention my mum never gets ill, and my dad also gets ill more than usual but not as much as me. I have a lot of trouble convincing...
  2. whitebeltforever

    The biiiig C word and finding my way in martial arts

    Hi everybody! I remember reading the "When will you quit" post on here a few years ago and thinking oh my godddd i really hope i dont quit!! I am going to do my practices every week and and and i will blah de blah de blah blah i really really hope that i don't quit! I came back to class the...
  3. whitebeltforever

    Spreading yourself too thin with too many martial arts? (bjj, m.t, wrestling)

    I have always loved to strike, and recently taken up muay thai and boxing as a side dish to BJJ. I have chronic illness (lupus) and nearly 3 months out of chemo and radio therapy for another illness (breast cancer) and i want to get as strong and fit as my body will allow me so that i'll be in...