1. P

    Boxing gloves around 50-60 dollars and wraps

    Hi, I'm looking for a pair of 16 oz gloves around 50-60 dollars. I'm considering RDX Ace and Venum Challenger 3 gloves. Any advice? What about Green Hill hand wraps? How long should they be? Thank you for your attention.
  2. P

    Reccomended boxing gloves & hand wraps?

    Hi guys, I just joined a boxing gym, I need a pair of training gloves around 60 dollars and hand wraps (around 10 dollars), any advice?
  3. KangTsai

    Incredibly Bootlegg癡d Glove Repair

    This glove 's inner lining was falling apart, so I gave it a quick repair with a sew and some tape. These gloves will completely fall apart in a matter of months, but I have a brand-new backup I 'stole' from a charity shop for 66 of the original price . I also sprayed vinegar...
  4. sugarfoot8802

    Cleto Reyes Hybrid Glove Review

    Hello! I've been using these new cleto reyes hybrids for a while now and I wrote a review in case anybody is interested. I also talk a lot about Fairtex BGV1's that I was using before and there's some comparisons. Any and all feedback is appreciated! Thanks "Cleto Reyes Hybrid Boxing Gloves...
  5. E

    Krav Maga Kuckle Protection

    Hi everyone, I recently I started Krav Maga and am really enjoying it. However, I have an old boxers fracture injury on my right-hand ring finger. The knuckle is actually still noticeably smaller than the other knuckles on that hand. The injury is about 10 years old and never given me...