1. adamr01

    100 Ways to Attack the Groin

    I tried practicing these, but my partner quit on me after the first technique. Go figure...
  2. whitebeltforever

    funny moments in judo class

    hope the link works... clearly i need a few more hundred years of training!! xD on Instagram: Halarious moments in judo class teacher: 101, lizzy: -79 #whitebelt #blackbelt #funny #judo #martialarts #funnymoments色
  3. jkdgenius

    Funniest Martial Arts Videos!!

    Hey everyone, post your funniest martial arts related videos, let's get a good collection in one place! I'll get us started with this gem:
  4. T

    Funniest Moments and Greatest Victories

    For 2017, I thought I would post something positive and light hearted. What is one of the funniest things you run into when you are active in your martial art training and what was one of your greatest victories, either as a student, instructor, or both. Funniest thing for me: We have weapons...
  5. TSDTexan


  6. TSDTexan


    Funny or True?