full contact

  1. D

    At what age should boys start fighting with full contact to the body?

    Some 10-13 year old boys want to start fighting full contact. In our club (Thai Boxing and MMA) full contact to the head starts with 16 and to the body with 14. I think, when the boys want to fight with full contact and the parents agree, there is no reason not to allow it. And for self...
  2. Yoshiyahu

    Wing Chun Vs TKD sparring

    I think this guy did and excellent job showcasing his WC techniques while landing strikes and controlling the opponent. What are some things you see. I hate seeing people just stand there stagnate waiting for someone to walk in on them. This was pretty good. What are your thoughts?
  3. Ivan

    Links to durable Bo that can be used for contact training?

    I have looked everywhere to find a wooden Bo that can be used for hard contact training. I wish to to buy a Bo that is: Durable and can withstand full force contact sparring Wooden would be best Preferably on the heavier side (to build up strength) and around 6 foot I have looked on eBay...