1. K

    New Jiu Jitsu and MMA channel for Kids and Adults, something for Quarantine days

    Hey guys, not sure if I'm posting this in the right forum and apologies if I have done so, but we started a new channel for Jiu Jitsu and MMA for both kids and adults aimed at showcasing fighting moves, tournament highlights and anti-bullying techniques, You can see some of these vids here...
  2. D

    At what age should boys start fighting with full contact to the body?

    Some 10-13 year old boys want to start fighting full contact. In our club (Thai Boxing and MMA) full contact to the head starts with 16 and to the body with 14. I think, when the boys want to fight with full contact and the parents agree, there is no reason not to allow it. And for self...
  3. Yoshiyahu

    Wing Chun Table Fighting

    Do you practice any forms of TABLE fighting? What benefits do you gather comes from doing this? What exactly is training this close good for?
  4. P

    Recovery Time for MMA after inguinal Hernia surgery

    Hi to all, I'm a newcome in that forum, i've choosen it because the number or participants. I'm a 5TH degreee Karate black belt ad i train myself every day. Actually I'm 44 and started when i was 6. I've ever loved kumite so i dedicated all my life to combat. Three months ago i've had a knee...
  5. C

    Imperial Baguazhang Fighting System (Gong Baotian lineage) Teaching in Bay Area/ online

    Hi, all, For anyone interested in learning baguazhang with applications to fighting, my teacher Steven Zhou (Zou Zenghua) is currently teaching at the Bay Area (Fremont/Union City) in Northern California as well as through online curriculum. The website (imperial bagua or just google The North...
  6. O

    The potential of TMA

    First of all a little disclaimer: I like all types, styles, shapes, and flavors of martial arts I have trained judo and TKW for about 20 years, researched about many other styles around the world, I have been a competitor, and I have even been in the cage as a guest in the local MMA gym (In...
  7. _the_frogg_

    street fight

    what would you say would work best for a street fight, and don't just say whatever you train in lol really thing like take things from other arts and put them together to make the best art
  8. D

    ANY Fighting Style can work if you train it right.

    This to me is self evident but many disagree, so what better topic for discussion. So first to the terms: Fighting style: method of conducting fights. For most this includes trying to "win" but not always. The key point here is that a fighting style is NOT the traditionally associated training...
  9. D


    Hello all, I posted a couple of times before a long absence so I won't be offended if no one remembers me (or cares). I thought I would try and flog some life into one of my pet deceased equines... Can you describe your karate (or other art) style WITHOUT reference to your training...
  10. V

    Montreal Krav Maga

    Most of us know Krav Maga and its philosophy: very practical style of self-defense and is used by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to train soldiers and civilians to become efficient in a short amount of time. Krav Maga is an aggressive, anti-terrorist survival system without rules. It deals with...
  11. Darrencowan

    Sanchin Ryu Close Combat

    Sanchin Ryu is a close combat style. We do not fight from a distance. We do not deliver high kicks. When I was in 12th grade, I was accosted by a person at a party. He made the mistake of attacking me in a narrow hallway. It is said that Sanchin Ryu can be performed in a phone booth (what are...
  12. TieXiongJi

    Looking for Invention Inspiration

    Hi All! I am an engineer and martial artist. I have a few ideas for self defense equipment for professional use, but I would love to hear the problems you see while working in security, bouncing, defending yourself... Please describe the situation where you may need some additional equipment...
  13. lansao

    Healthy Tension & Limits of Relaxation

    In sampling a few arts, I've heard a variety of thoughts on relaxation and would love to get thoughts on this from an MMA perspective. How relaxed is too relaxed? How much tension is too much tension? What complementary muscle groups do you activate/deactivate in different scenarios?
  14. AVI

    most curious question in my mind, Why Martial Arts?

    Hi all, i just joined this website.Greetings to you all.Glad to be here,would love to share thoughts and experiences.But first of all, I would love to here one thing from all of you- WHEN AND HOW DID YOU GET ADDICTED TO THIS MAGNIFICENT ART? as of me, from 4th or 5th grade i got attracted to it...
  15. senseiblackbelt

    taekwondo vs karate

    what is the is the difference between taekwondo and karate?
  16. A


    Can one only become a good fighter and be prepared for a fight if they spar? Or is simply learning the form and ingraining those movements into one's reflexes just as efficient?
  17. A

    Martial arts for self defense

    What is your preferred martial art for self defense? Personally, mine is Wing Chun.