1. 3

    How many rapier fencing styles are there?

    Hello, Was doing a Google search and... well, you know, Google brings me here, so I'm glad to be here. For whatever reason youtube recommended a video of historical rapier fencing. Those videos pick my curiosity and I was watching the videos mostly in spanish and they were fencing in a style...
  2. Ivan

    Differences between Destreza Vulgar and Destreza Verdadera in Spain?

    What were the main differences between both of these style of fencing, technique and stance wise? Moreover, what were their origins and history? The only piece of information I've found is that Verdadera was supposedly reserved for nobles.
  3. Anarax

    New Member

    Hello, I've been training in Martial Arts for over 10 years. I have studied Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Brazilian and some European Martial Arts. I've taught fencing for 2 years at the college level. I'm heavily involved in Martial Arts history and understanding the historical context...
  4. C

    How good is this Cold Steel basic saber instructional?

    Just noticed that Cold Steel has a basic introduction in saber fencing out on Youtube. Lynn Thompson does the introduction, but it seems Anthony De Longis is doing most of the actual instruction. For those of you who do any kind of saber fencing or similar styles, how would you rate the...